The G Bomb

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February 8, 2010


Once upon a time…

A young damsel named Elizabeth Rose took her Knight in shining armour along to a banquet. The two of them sat to dine with the King and Queen of the realm they were visiting and enjoyed a ribald exchange of words and stories.
The King leaned across to the Knight and asked “Are you here as one of my Knights of the realm?”

“No”, replied the Knight, “I am here with the Lady Elizabeth, for she is my girlfriend”.

Upon hearing his declaration The Lady Elizabeth did a very unladylike thing and spat forth her soup across the table, all over the Queen of the realm.

Her Knight turned to her and peevishly whispered, “We’ve been living together for a year now, surely you knew you were my girlfriend?!”

The Lady Elizabeth apologised to the Queen for the impromptu soup shower and ignored her Knight’s plaintive looks for the rest of the banquet.

Once back in their two-bedroom castle Elizabeth took her Knight to hand and as he relaxed into her apology hand job, he saw the funny side of the evening.
And they lived happily ever after (for the next few months before the Knight moved to Austria).
That was then. Now it is unlikely you will have a g’word bomb dropped on you, since technology has provided us with a plethora of milestones that can be broadcast and shared with the world.

Thank you Facebook, thank you very much.


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Elizabeth Rose is our boarding school educated English rose by day and unabashed slut by night. She takes pride in her “work” and wishes to share her feminist rantings and lessons in bedroom etiquette with the wider world.

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//apology hand job//

Makes fighting worthwhile!

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