Why I LUV POF Vol 3: 10 Stupidest Opening Lines

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August 21, 2010


PlentyOfFish.com (POF) is nothing if not a great source of amusement for me. In the world of online dating (as many of you probably know all too well) it seems you get what you pay for. That said, as POF is a free site, along with horny teenagers and a bevy of married men, there are tons of socially inept and completely un-dateable penis owners there to entertain me.

Aside: Please don’t get me wrong. Despite the insanity I have encountered on the site, POF does have a few Almost Perfect dudes floating around (you can check out my story about one such a man here and here). In fact, I know three women who met their husbands on the site, personally.

So in an effort to share all the mirth and merry-making that POF has brought into my life, I’m going to hit you all with the 10 stupidest opening lines I’ve been sent by my would be suitors on the site…

  1. "praying for love"I was wondering, are you religious? Cause you’re the answers to my prayers.
  2. Nice profile looking good. MMM…I could just eat u.
  3. U GAT MSN?
  4. Can I be your friend?
  5. You date White guys?
  6. I read your profile and I would like meet you, so I can see if you’re worthy of me.
  7. I know you’re out of my league, but thought I’d give it a shot anyway. Care to chat?
  8. Got anymore pics? Maybe some showing more skin?
  9. I’m a good judge of character and from reading your profile I know I’d  REALLY like you. Call me  ______, 416.555.5555
  10. Hey Sexy. Nice Tits! Are they real? Let’s chat.


See what you’re missing ladies?


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2 Comments for Why I LUV POF Vol 3: 10 Stupidest Opening Lines


Skye I amloving your POF posts. As a fellow user of POF I can relate to the( lack of) selection of potential mates on the site. I especially luv 3,5 and 8. It really gets me hot when they do not know how to weave a sentence together. When you get them asking for more pics of you even though you already have posted several pictures on your profile you know they are doing something other than looking for someone to date.

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Zia Zitella

#10 is classic POF. Can’t say I’ve heard that 1 but my favorite opening line I got was: quesadias are good.

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