A Present for Me

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No pressure, no diamonds. – Thomas Carlyle

A lot of time and effort is laid out by women, young and old alike to put pressure on the men in their lives to cough up Diamonds…Pressure which comes in many forms.


I have heard the hints.

“Apparently diamonds never lose their value. They are an excellent investment.”

- or -

“Did you see the earrings John bought for Jane? Diamonds are just so timeless.”


I have witnessed the emotional blackmail.

“If you loved me, you would show it…with diamonds.”


I have even been privy to tales of sexual bribery or worse yet – the withholding of sexual favours. It’s one thing to give yourself a jaw cramp while trying to convince your man to buy you expensive gifts. But it’s quite another to sacrifice your own satisfaction while playing mind games.

So today I’d like to offer all the independent ladies, myself included, a more suitable alternative – a better way, if you will. My advice?

Buy your own diamonds.

Save up; pick up some extra shifts; do whatever is needed. If the sparkle of a diamond is something you would enjoy seeing around your throat, on your finger or in your earlobes, don’t rely on a man to get them for you – supply your own.

Ladies, let me ask you this…Do you wait for a man to deliver your orgasm? Or have you a fresh supply of batteries at the ready in your bathroom cabinet to power your own (via another present you bought yourself)?

I for one have a lovely collection of battery powered presents I gave to myself. And since I already invest in my own satisfaction on so many levels, I thought it was about time I invest in my jewellery box. Get myself a little sparkle for my stocking.

So no, I’m not planning to sit around biding my time until a man shows up to buy my diamond for me. (The same way I don’t wait for a man to buy my new shoes or my latest handbag; never ask a man to  fund my holidays, participation in charity events and/or yoga courses; and am loathe to ask my lovers to buy me a fresh raft of batteries when the stash I keep in the bathroom suddenly runs out.) I’m going to break out my plastic and buy a positively perfect present for me.

After all, I do believe a string of diamonds at my throat will set off my post-orgasmic flush quite nicely. Don’t you?