Secrets From The Goody Drawer Vol. 2

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February 10, 2011



Here we all are again for Volume Two of Secrets From the Goody Drawer, and this week I’m bringing you yet another interview. Who with you ask? Well dear readers, allow me to introduce you to Noirceuil, the founder of Fuck Club – a social group that provides what is arguably a much needed service right here in the T-dot – fulfilling the gang bang fantasies of most any woman who requests one.

I’ll pause here for a moment to allow you all to take that in.




You good folks? Can I keep things moving?…Great.

"so many men, so little time"

Is this your fantasy? If so Fuck Club can help you make it a reality.

So as I was saying, a few weeks ago I sat down to interview Noirceuil, in order learn all about Fuck Club and the service the group provides. To his credit Noirceuil was a fabulous interview subject, and he answered all my questions thoroughly – even the ones this vanilla girl didn’t know to ask before sitting down at the table across from him.  Here’s hoping the end result of our chat is as interesting to you all as it was to me.



P.S. For all of you out there who started doing a happiness dance in front of your computer keyboard upon reading the above (yes, I’m aware that we got some dirty girls up in here, and no, we don’t judge), just because I know you’re already chomping at the bit to find out how to get in touch Noirceuil and the rest of the Fuck Club team I’ll share this now. You can contact Noirceuil by visiting his page on Fetlife or just shoot him an email at info at fuckclub dot me. And happy banging, ladies.

Skye: For the sake of our readers please tell me a little bit about yourself, particularly your sexual leanings.

Noirceuil: I guess I’ve been kinky for as long as I can remember in my mind, and then with basically every woman I’ve ever been with, in varying degrees – based on whatever she was comfortable doing. And, after a number of failed relationships, where it just wasn’t working out, about seven years ago, I basically came out of my closet I guess…I mean everyone knew I was kinky, it wasn’t a big secret. But I just broke up with my vanilla friends that I knew wouldn’t be able to handle it, and now the only person who I haven’t told is my sister. Everyone else knows, excluding work people.

Since coming out I’ve had two master-slave relationships – one much more successful than the other. And now I’m single. I’ve always had poly leanings, but up until seven years ago it wasn’t the right time to do it. So, now at the ripe old age of 50, I’ve never been happier.

Skye: What exactly is Fuck Club? What was the impetus for starting the group? What services does the group provide and to whom?

Noirceuil: Before I answer those questions, can I speak on something slightly off topic for a minute.

Skye: Sure.

Norceuil: Because I’ve been trying to set this gang bang club up for so long, I mention it to people I think would be into it at the kinky events I attend. Every time I do, at least one person goes “I tried to do that. Dismal failure.” You will never hear a story like “Oh, I tried to put on a gang bang. Seven to eight guys showed up, it was awesome.” It doesn’t work that way. Eight of your closest friends or total strangers, it doesn’t matter, you’re lucky if you get four to five guys…Now that’s eight appropriate guys. Who knows eight appropriate guys? Guys tend not to show up…Also if you’re doing a gang bang with strangers, somebody needs to be monitoring the whole thing. They need to stand back to watch everything, to make sure people are using condoms and that people aren’t doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Finding appropriate guys to work with is the main problem. Now back to your question…

Trying to get around the problem of finding appropriate men is the main issue. So, Fuck Club is a social group made up of a bunch of guys, whom I didn’t know well before hand, although some of our friends knew each other. We’re a crew of dependable, responsible, knowledgeable men who are willing to do gang bangs. ‘Cause as I said it’s the men that don’t show up. Women always show up.

There are a lot of women who have gang bang fantasies. It’s not quite as common as the rape fantasy, but it’s up there in the top few. And how is a woman who wants it to go about getting it? Go on Craigslist and post an ad, then interview 30 guys? Ask a dozen of her close guy friends? Both are questionable options for various reasons. So we created this group to provide this service for women who want to live out their gang bang fantasy, and in part because we’re all totally into it.

Skye: I’m surprised by the fact that you say it’s the men who tend not to show up. Why do you think that is?

Noirceuil: I really can’t say for sure, but I have a few theories. Probably performance anxiety is a lot of it. It all sounds great when you’re watching a porno at home alone. But at 5’o’clock in the afternoon when a guy is thinking “I have to go to this thing tonight”, he’s wondering if he’ll be able to perform. He’s also thinking “I’ve got to get an erection in front of a bunch of guys. Aww no.”

Skye: How long has Fuck Club been around?

I started the project the beginning of October, and it took me six or seven weeks to get the first few guys together. We had our first event then and we’ve had about half a dozen since. Our goal is to do one or two a month.

Skye: How did you recruit the other men in the group? What criteria did you use to choose the men involved?

Noirceuil: As I said, I didn’t know any of the men before starting the group, at least not directly. With the help of a good female friend who is also in the kinky community we selected men who we thought would play nice with others and respect the rules of the game. Men who: 1) would make a commitment to show up and be there; 2) would play safely and responsibly with others; and 3) could be trusted without being monitored.

After being in Fuck Club together with these guys over the past few months we’ve become a pretty close knit group and we really work well together – no ego issues. We chose carefully as the key to the success of this group is having the right guys and I think all the men we recruited are really good people. They know what they’re doing. When we work together they’re professional [Doms] and they handle themselves well. I don’t have to tell them to clean things before using them, or to cover themselves. They just do it.

Skye: You mentioned all the guys in the group are members of the kinky community and are Doms. Would you consider choosing to work with a man who wasn’t part of your community?

Noirceuil: It would depend on the situation. The benefit of choosing men from the kinky community is that I can easily find out what their reputations as play partners are. I know they are safe and responsible…The one way I can see working with someone outside of the community is if a woman wanted to have her boyfriend be part of an event. That way issues of safety, etc. are their problem and between them. Although we’d still watch him, she’s vouching for him so not as much an issue for us.

Skye: So based on the men you chose for the group you consider Fuck Club to be a safe option for women who want to experience a gang bang?

Noirceuil: Yes, because as I said previously we’re a group of knowledgeable, dependable, responsible and suitable men who play well and safely with others.

Skye: How many men are in the group? What is the age range of the participants? The ethnic makeup of the group?

Noirceuil: Currently we’ve got a dozen, but there are never that many men at an event. Each event usually has five-six guys. Their ages range from 30ish to early 50s. There’s no real ethnic diversity at this time, but that’s mainly because the kinky community is pretty pasty. (Laughs) Some of the men we’re currently in discussions with regarding joining the group may help us to change that in the near future though.

Skye: What is the minimum number of men required for a gang bang?

Noirceuil: Me and a Viagra would do just fine I think. (Laughs) No, I would say at least three guys are required.

Skye: Is there a fee for Fuck Club’s services?

Noirceuil: No.

Skye: Do you advertise your services anywhere? If not, how do women interested in the service Fuck Club provides find you?

Noirceuil: No. So far it has just been word of mouth through the guys in the group and our female friends. I’ll also be doing an interview with an online sex magazine soon as well.

Skye: What type of women do you believe your services are geared to? Who is Fuck Club a good fit for?

Noirceuil: Fuck Club is here for any woman who wants a gang bang, including vanilla girls. (Grins) But then again, any woman who wants a gang bang has to be a little bit kinky, even if she doesn’t have a BDSM side.

Skye: I’m aware that you have a process in place that allows you to assess if Fuck Club is right for a potential client. Can you tell me more about that process?

Noirceuil: One of us, usually it’s me, gets together for a coffee with the woman requesting the gang bang to find out what she wants. We ask her what kind of ambience she’s looking for, what we’re allowed to do during the event, what she doesn’t want us to do, etc. We also ask her ifs she’s allergic to anything, if she has any physical restrictions, or any psychological pressure points we need to know about that could trigger something if we mention it.  By the end of the meeting we have a fact sheet with a clear list of things someone who knows what they are doing can follow at the event. That way you don’t have just one person who is aware of what should and shouldn’t be done, you have five to six guys making sure things go exactly the way the woman wants. Therefore, there’s no need for one guy to stand back and monitor what’s going on, because we all are.

Also, if that isn’t enough to make a woman feel secure, we’re open to the idea of letting potential participants observe an event so they can better understand what they are getting into and what they want. Of course, we’re not trying to turn the events into spectator sports. That option would only be offered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the group.

"hot fivesome"Skye: Should women interested in using Fuck Club’s services be concerned that she may be rejected due to her body type or any other aspect of her appearance?

Noirceuil: That’s a tricky one. Are we looking for a specific body type? No. Are we flexible? Very. But I expect there are limits. Very practically speaking the woman in question has to appeal to most men in the group, so we can… you know…function. But appeal doesn’t mean hour glass figure or looking like a celebrity. A few extra pounds are certainly not a problem.

Skye: Although Fuck Club is a group, can women request one-on-one service?

Noirceuil: We have a name for that. That’s called a ”date“. (Laughs) Generally we don’t offer that but if a woman is attracted to one guy in the group if he’s open to being with her that’s up to them.

Skye: If a woman using Fuck Club’s services requests that the men engage with each other physically is the group open to that.

Noirceuil: I doubt it. We are all pretty stuck in our “heteroness”. Even though we are all quite comfortable being in a room with other naked men, at the same time as far as I know none of us are into guys. But as a point of interest, we have had events where a woman came as one of the Fuck Club members, either with a strap on or to participate in some other way.

Skye: Is there any scenario you can imagine that someone might request that Fuck Club would not participate in?

Noirceuil: Nothing specific is coming to mind, but generally anything that is potentially dangerous to her or us, if it backfires . And I really need to stress that if we get the idea that a woman is not really ready for it or will not be happy with the results we’re not going to go ahead with the event. We have nothing to sell but our reputation. And we’re a bunch of really careful guys.

Wait…I just thought of an example. A guy gets in touch with us and tells us he wants us to go to his girlfriend’s apartment, abduct her and then do a gang bang on her without us meeting her first. Our answer to that would be NO. Although Fuck Club has done abduction scenes before, we’d refuse to participate in a situation like that, because in addition to the fact that we wouldn’t have had the chance to interview her to see if she could handle it, we also wouldn’t know if she had actually been informed about what is happening. And if she wasn’t we could all end up in jail, which is something we’d all like to avoid.

Skye: Where do the scenes/events take place?

Noirceuil: Usually at one of the Fuck Club team’s homes or at a hotel. Again our goal is to make things as easy and hassle free as possible for the woman. We do everything. We arrange the guys, the place, the transportation, etc. All the woman has to do is show up. (Smiles) I feel like I’m doing an ad. (Clears his throat and in voice of radio announcer) Fuck Club is your one stop shop for all your gang bang needs, ladies. (Laughs)

Skye: How do you ensure the scenes don’t go past what a given woman can handle?

Noirceuil: The interview and the fact sheet that we draft after completing it are the main thing. But we also always use a safe word, so the guest of honour can stop the proceedings at any time.

Skye: How elaborate do the scenes get? For example, do you use props?

Noirceuil: As elaborate as the woman wants – within reason. All the guys in the group have done very elaborate scenes so it’s old hat to us. We don’t really feel any need to do an elaborate scene, so it would be up to the woman. We have had a fair bit of role play at past events, though none of us are actors, but nothing much beyond that so far. Basically, at the very least we’d consider all requests for elaborate or staged scene.

Skye: Is filming of the scenes allowed if a woman requests it?

Noirceuil: So far it hasn’t come up and we certainly don’t film it. Again if the woman wanted to it may be a possibility, if enough of the guys to agreed  to it.

Skye: Do you have to decompress after the scenes, especially after a particularly aggressive scene?

Noirceuil: Me and the guys? Nothing. The guests of honour? It’s different for each woman. How much aftercare the woman will need varies. But we always make sure she gets what she needs after the event to make sure she’s okay.

Skye: You just used a term I’m not familiar with. What exactly is “aftercare”?

Noirceuil: That’s a common BDSM term. Subs can go very deep into their heads, tough places. You can’t just say ”bye” and send them on their way. You need to have someone there to give them what they need to be grounded, be it a hug, someone to go out for a coffee with to talk or a just stiff drink. Whatever they need.

Skye: Wait a minute, you just mentioned subs. Does a woman have to consider herself a sub to take advantage of the service?

Noirceil: No, not all. That’s just where the aftercare term comes from. However, if you’ve never done a gang bang before, I’m going to consider it kinky edge play. Even if it’s all just vanilla sex with nothing else, if you’ve never done it before you will have no idea how you are going to react, how you’re going to feel about yourself, or the emotions that are going to come up afterwards.  So again, the aftercare is needed so you don’t feel abandoned and alone at the end of it.

Skye: How would Fuck Club handle a situation where a woman is dissatisfied with the service she received?

Noirceuil: Well if a woman is unhappy at the time, I hope she would say so, because the woman involved always has the power and prerogative to put a stop to everything. And if she shows up and then gets cold feet that’s okay too. I mean we wouldn’t like it obviously, as we all would’ve given up an evening to be there, but any woman dealing with Fuck Club would have to know that at any time it’s okay to say “You know what guys, this isn’t for me.” I’d be really upset in a case where a dissatisfied customer kept going. If you’re dissatisfied you need to say something, or stop it.

I would hope that the worst review we will ever get is a woman saying” I got however far into it and decided it wasn’t for me”, or “They weren’t doing it right and I called it.”…I mean if we got the idea that a woman was not going to be satisfied or unhappy about it, we wouldn’t want to do it. Our reputation is important to us.

Skye: Is confidentiality something Fuck Club guarantees its clients?>

Noirceuil: As much as the woman wants. She doesn’t even have to give us her real name. We just need a phone number and email to do business.

Skye: Can you describe the most interesting scene you’ve participated in thus far?

Noirceuil: No. I don’t want to go there. That’s only because the most interesting scene we’ve ever done was pretty hardcore and I don’t want to scare anyone…or freak out the vanillas. (Grins)

Skye: What has the feedback regarding Fuck Club’s services been thus far?

Noirceuil: The feedback so far has been excellent. All the women have left us wanting another round and almost immediately start planning their next event. No complaints so far.

Skye: What would you say you and the other men involved in Fuck Club get out of providing this service?

Noirceuil: Laid. (Laughs). Seriously though, the events are hot and when we’re done one woman and a bunch of guys are all happy. It’s good stuff.

Skye: Do you derive more satisfaction from pleasing the women involved (i.e. their response to the action) or witnessing/partaking in what’s going on at each event?

Noirceiul: It’s both really. The two feed off each other. If either party isn’t into it, it simply doesn’t work.  We’re into it because she is, and she’s into it because we’re all into it.

Skye: Do you think your participation in the group makes you a better lover and/or more aware of women’s desires?

Noirceuil: No, but that is because I have a pretty good idea of what my niche market wants and that helps me with the gang bangs.

Skye: Does what you do in Fuck Club spill over into your relationship with your SO or interactions with other partners – for better or worse?

Noirceuil: Being a part of Fuck Club is just a slice of who I am. This is just one side of me. It spills over because I’m involved in both of them. As I said at the beginning of this interview I changed my life about seven years ago and since then I’ve had a seriously pornographic life. So being in Fuck Club is just more of the same.

"centre of attention"Skye: What do you believe it is about gang bangs that intrigues so many women? Why are so many women so turned on by the idea of it?

Noirceuil: Well, the woman gets to be the centre of attention. A good chunk of women’s sexuality is based on being desired and with Fuck Club she gets six times the regular dose. She gets to be the sex object, the slut. And what says ”slut” more than taking on a bunch of guys? (Shrugs and smiles).

Skye: Do you know of any other groups like this in T.O.? Other cities?

Noirceuil: I’ve heard rumours of other groups, but not in Toronto. There may be some here but not that I know of.

Skye: Is there anything else you think our readers should know about Fuck Club?’

Noirceuil: Yeah. If any woman reading this is fantasizing about a gang bang and wants to make her fantasy a reality, Fuck Club is a safe option. So if you’re seriously considering it send an email to info at fuckclub dot me…soon.

If you’re at all interested in learning what it’s like to be on the receiving end of Fuck Club’s services – vicariously, of course – check out my interview with one of their very satisfied customers.


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You guys never cease to amaze me with the posts you put on here. I’m in disbelief that something like this even exists, but there’s also a part of me (much to my dismay) that is also really intrigued.

Where the hell do you find these people Skye?

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    Nikki B

    Much to your “dismay”? Girl, you need to indulge your fantasies, not berate them! :D
    Nikki B recently posted..Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Nikki B

Hooray! This is fab! Can’t say I wouldn’t be seriously tempted if I lived in Toronto! I really enjoy gang bang porn, and it’s been an issue in my rational feminist brain because so much gang bang is about demoralizing the female. This is a problem because so many viewers take that seriously, without addressing the idea that maybe she LIKES it or that gang bangin’ doesn’t have to do that… it just translates into misogyny. Which it shouldn’t. I am actually contemplating a post on porn and these kind of ideas…

I also find it really interesting that the women always show up. I think it’s awesome that point was made: Ladies! Embrace your inner sex goddess – whatever that is! Don’t be afraid of what you want! It doesn’t make you dirty or wrong!

PS the aftercare? Wow. These guys blow me away. Oh, real men!

There is so much sex out there to be explored…. if we’d just get over our weirdness and societal ideas about what we “should” be doing!
Nikki B recently posted..Happy Valentine’s Day!

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