How About We…Put the F-U-N Back Into Dating

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If you’re at all like me, you probably have a ton of online dating stories: ones that range from slightly amusing to downright hilarious. But despite the “laugh so hard you snort” inducing effect many of your dating stories may have, I’m sure you would agree that for those of us the dating scene sifting through what seems like a trillion profiles on a dating site to find just one “somewhat suitable” candidate, or having to endure the back and forth of inane email/IM conversations in hopes ofHBW Promotional Flyer getting laid having even one face to face meeting, can be FRUSTRATING – at times.

But what’s a girl to do when trolling various online dating sites, for what seems like forever and a day, doesn’t lead to like, lust or love?  (Please select all that apply from the list below):


a. Spend many a lonely night at home, cuddled up with the cat and some popcorn in front of a yet another chick flick?

b. Pick up some more batteries from the convenience store so she can make use her most “stimulating” sex toy more frequently?

c. Concede defeat, take down her dating profile and give up on her dreams of meeting her very own Prince Charming?

d. Try her luck on a dating site that puts “the date [and F-U-N] back into dating” by connecting people interested in meeting like minded individuals who want to share an exciting, playful, quirky, adventurous, and even romantic experience?

e. None of the above.


If you chose “d” give yourself a pat on the back. And if you selected both “b” and “d” you’re a woman after my own heart – so two snaps and a hip bump for you. Either way, after you’ve finished congratulating yourself for being the brilliant woman that you are, check out HowAboutWe, a hip new dating site with an even hipper approach.

HowAboutWe’s unique slant to online dating puts the focus on the dates, NOT the profiles of individual users, so you get:

And you know what else folks? Just in time for Valentine’s Day the good folks about HowAboutWe are offering 33% OFF their service to all our readers who use the promo code VDAYFUN when they sign up.

A cool new approach to the dating game, a great discount, and access to matches who want to do the things you like to do – minus the 1001 emails to figure out where you’re going to meet and what you’re going to do.

Hmmm…Sounds like no brainer to me.