Spank Is The New Black

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A Guest Post by Rubyyy Jones

‘…He pulled away quickly and she felt the thwack of their heart shaped paddle, covering one half of her heart shaped ass. He followed with 2 more sharp smacks, and she bit her lip to stop the sound threatening to burst from her. He flipped the paddle to the softer side, gentle fur relieving the rising tissue, giving her a moment to catch her breath. Teasing her a little more, he returned to the smooth leather and began lovingly spanking her precious clit. Rapid, sweet taps charging her up, that had her struggling hard against the spreader bar. She had never had an orgasm just from spanking and it seemed that one was only too near…’

"spank me"I’m the kind of gal who enjoys synchronicity, and lately my life has been filled with spank this and spank that and spaaank here. Though I’ve dabbled in the act and found it hot, I would say my curiosity was really peaked about six months ago, when Fleshbot introduced me to the lovely Lily Francfort. Miss Francfort lives in Montreal, Canada and is the creator of (WARNING: Lily’s site is devoted to the sensuality of kink and fetish and she shares this with her audience through pictures, writing and incredible erotic films. I can honestly say, her videos were the first ‘porn’ I ever felt deeply turned on by. The sensuous hotness of watching her slap, spank and work herself into a real live orgasm is breathtaking. Her work in erotic film is quite empowering as well, because even if Lily is submissive, she is always the master of her orgasm. Her videos are elegant; boast ‘real, never faked orgasms’ and include a range of kinky adventures. It’s like a spanking master class!

Speaking of classes… This all really kicked into high slapping gear when I attended (totally crashed!) the Sh! Women’s Store birthday party at the beginning of April; it was to be an afternoon of champagne, cupcakes and leather good times. Surrounded by a dozen or so sex journalists, writers (including the lovely Elizabeth Rose, who wrote all about her experience at the same party here) and experts, I was in heaven.

The Hoxton store manager, sweet and saucy Joanna, as well as Beth, assistant and volunteer spankee, hosted us for the afternoon and our lil lesson. We were all gifted a swag bag and I was thrilled to find a sky blue leather Sh! Spanker, mine in the shape of a hand, which I have now named ‘Little Boy Blew’. (Yes. I name all my sex toys; they give me orgasms, it’s only seems fair!) It was a fun and educational afternoon; I spanked Beth with gusto and was inspired to write some new erotica featuring this stinging pleasure and a gorgeous white heart shaped Sh! Spanker. Though I have yet to find a suitable spank recipient/giver, I was reminded in Joanna’s tutorial that it’s important to test your toys on yourself, know your limits and likes and then teach when playing with a lover…

Any takers?

Most recently, I joined the Mucky Book Club, founded by writer and goddess Betty Herbert, author of 52 Seductions. This month’s selection was ‘Beauty’s Punishment’, written by Anne Rice, originally under the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure. An erotic trilogy featuring an awakened Sleeping Beauty and most kinks or fetish you can think of, though heavy on the BDSM. I have devoured the series and, if you like erotic fiction, suggest you do the same as soon as possible. The writing is highly charged and very kinky, as we witness the journey of several Princes and Princesses as they are dommed into becoming true submissives. I found the emotional journey of the characters fascinating; their inner monologues as they were spanked, thrashed and humiliated into submission and how the pain became agonizing pleasure.

It’s all made me think quite a bit about spanking itself: how the act can become hot beyond the physical or remain a carnal delight. Whether it is subtle or overt, self-inflicted or with a lover, amuse-bouche or the main course, spanking is very much about heightening already sexy scenarios. About embracing intense sensations and, when it applies, about giving up control and giving over to the threshold of painful pleasure. It’s about personal boundaries too, what takes you to the edge; whether that edge be orgasm, a good cry or a warm up to some serious sex, we all have different motivations and limits, and the only way to know our limits is to play in a safe, respectful and sexy way.  I vow to do further field research and report back in full. Spanking fun comes in many forms and colors but it looks to be one of summer hottest trends! Shop around and see what style works for you, and whether you’re a casual slap fiend or a hardcore sweet punishment master, wear your blushed ass or (insert preferred body part here) with pride.

Love Lust & Light