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June 8, 2011


Hey, have you heard the news yet?

As part of their Life Should Be Legendary campaign, AOL is running a contest* to let us sexy, sensational single women that we are all pioneers in our own right. They’re doing their part to motivate smart, innovative and bold women – people like you and me – to live the inspired and legendary lives we dream of. Here’s how it all works…

"Life Should Be Legendary Contest"In order to enter the Life Should Be Legendary contest, and to be eligible to win the weekly sweepstakes for a $50 gift card or better yet the grand prize of a $4500 gift card, all you need to do is click the banner to the right, and answer the question “What inspires me?” by creating your very own inspiration board on the AOL Jeep site. It’s that simple. Honest…

When I sat down to create my own inspiration board earlier today, I started by listing all the things that inspired me and the first thought that came up was EVERYTHING…almost anyway.

For me, there are times when an early morning walk through a park or the opening bars of one of my favourite songs stirs something so deep within me I’m moved to tears – of gratitude. Then there are occasions when reading a beautiful passage of prose or sitting down at my desk to pour the thoughts in my head out onto a blank screen fills me with overwhelming happiness. Also, on a daily basis, satiating my curiosity and desire to learn about people, places, politics and everything between (usually by asking a ton of questions), simply thrills me.

But as my list grew ever longer, I realized the one thing I’m most inspired by (and I apologise in advance for the corniness, but it’s true) is the fact that I am still here – alive and kicking – to relish every emotionally charged, adventure filled, challenging, complex, and unpredictable moment of this thing called life. And that’s what I tried to convey when I created my own inspiration board, on the Life Should Be Legendary site. It only took me about 30 minutes to design my masterpiece and doing so was one of the highlights of my day. Really.

So, dear readers, I suggest you all take the time to create your own inspiration board. You’re bound to have fun, you’ll likely learn a bit about yourself, and if the stars align in your favour you just might be the lucky winner of the $4500 gift card. Now, that’s my kind of inspiration.

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