For the Love of Boobs & Lesbians Who Look Like the Bieb

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June 13, 2011


It’s that time again folks! The Insomnia Club is back and we’re kicking off our Summer of Sex with one very interesting topic…

Gender-bending and Sex.

Now sure what that means? Well, then just be sure to look for our hashtag #InsomniaClub on twitter tonight and all day tomorrow to read each member of the Insomnia Club’s take on the topic. It’s bound to result in some very interesting reading, and you can start right here, by checking out what Elizabeth Rose and I have to say.

Happy Reading folks!


Breasts, boobs, mammaries, tits, jugs, funbags, love pillows, bazumbas, the list of names is endless – which I believe speaks to our fondness for them.

"beautiful boobs"


I love breasts. I love my boobs as I much as I love my most trusted and reliable friends. But the excitement I feel at the sight of other’s boobs is quite staggering.

I’m about as straight as a girl can get. The idea of a sexual encounter not involving cock just leaves me cold. But breasts… I like them whether they’re voluptuous or perky – I don’t have a preference. They are all such a novelty!

My attraction to breasts is also the main reason why I have actually considered FMF threesomes. Imagine the pleasure of penetration with guest breasts! Simply heaven.

So while I could never countenance myself as a lesbian, I would happily stare at tits all day long.

… And no, man boobs definitely do NOT count.



I just might give up my 'strictly dickly' card for a girl who looks like day.

Although I can’t say that I have anything akin to the breast fetish Elizabeth Rose just confessed to, I must admit that as of late my mind has been ‘bending’ and I’ve noticed a woman or twelve. Granted the females my lusting and wandering eyes tend to notice are queer women – and quite possibly even a few transgendered males – who look, move and dress like very cute adolescent boys (think Justin Beiber only older, sexier and a whole lot less girly – kinda like the women featured here), and more often than not  have the type of swag I’ve only ever associated with really bad boys – HOT!

I didn’t even know that level of androgynous sexiness existed until I found myself surrounded by a room full of dozens upon dozens of women rockin’ their straight- girl-head-turnin’-butch-easy styles at the Feminist Porn Awards. And as much as I haven’t seen but one or two of such women since that time (apparently they hide themselves away somewhere in carefully hidden we’re-too-hot-for-words lesbian communities and only come out to play with us straight folk during special events. FML!), the memory of their blood pressure raisin’ hotness weighs heavy on my mind: a fact that has caused me to wonder, on more than one occasion, if I could get down with a girl.

Now, don’t get all excited people. The jury’s still out on that one, and it’s likely to be an extremely looooong and complicated bout of deliberating, as I’m not sure I’ll ever be mentally ready to face another woman’s box. But, the fact that this formerly 99.9999% straight girl is even considering getting next to card carrying vag owner – however cute and delightfully butch said vag owner might be – is HUGE.

Like my girl ER, I love me some cock like nobody’s business, and  I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be contemplating (however slightly) being with a woman – even a super sexy androgynous one. But here I am. And come to think of it that’s what I used to say about dating younger men (story to come – I promise!), all things kinky, and a host of deliciously dirty sex acts I now regularly indulge in; quite happily I might add.

So perhaps there’s a hot, butch girl in my (distant) future? I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.



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3 Comments for For the Love of Boobs & Lesbians Who Look Like the Bieb


Nice pics ladies. Yum.

PS Skye – You should watch the L Word sometime (the series, not the “real” one). One word: Shane. *swoon*. I usually like girls who look straight (ha ha way to stereotype), but it’s the attitude.
NikkiB recently posted..Taboo- An Insomnia Post

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    NikkiB I have to concur on Real L Word. Huge fan of the last season, and this one is not disappointing me at all. I’m about as straight as you can get (my love of the c@#ck is famous around these parts) but I have a major lady boner for Whitney. Major. Ever since the strap-on scene last season with Romi. Wow. And I’m not the only straight girl I know that feels this way. Whitney is causing a lot of hot-and-botherdness for us straight girls!!

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    Skye Blue

    Girl, I so feel you re Shane being hot. Watched the first two seasons avidly mainly because of her ; )

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