Vacation Action: Single Girls Like it Too

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July 14, 2011


Okay folks, enough with the debating. It’s time to get back to our discussion of the joy(?) of sex away from home…especially for the ladies.

Now, I’ve been doing a little research and based on what I’ve found online it seems that resorts and travel companies have yet to focus their sites on the many wanton woman who travel the world in search of exotic ‘indigenous penis’ (here’s to you Elizabeth), or in a pinch the shiny, new bits of a fellow tourist.  It seems men and couples are the main groups targeted in advertising for erotic vacations (as if none of us single girls are ever interested in going abroad to get our groove back).

So, in an effort to help out all the single woman out there, who may be considering going abroad sans a travel buddy (I mean although it may be practical in some respects, why bring sand to the beach?), I’ve compiled two lists featuring all the info I could find on sex vacation hot spots that are single women friendly…

Top 5 Single Woman Friendy Sex Vacation Resorts


  1. Caliente . Clothing optional luxury resorts in Tampa, FL and the Dominican Republic, that offer sexy single travelers a wide variety of beachfront events and activities that encourage flirty socializing.
  2. Temptation Resorts. Located in Cancun and Los Cabos, Mexico these resorts are the perfect place to let loose, find a partner and get busy.  Among the many activities on offer are Sensual Fitness classes that feature lap or pole dancing techniques, to help you get ready to please your mate.
  3. Sea Mountain Resort. This adult sex resort in Southern California is for single women and couples only, and features an upscale spa, as well as  amenities and service that win it rave reviews from all who visit. And the comfortable year round climate is perfect for those who want to tan and swim in the buff in their natural springs.
  4. Hedonism II. This sultry resort is one of Jamaica’s most popular tourist destinations, primarily because of its clothing-optional pool and beaches.  Anything but public sex goes on the resort, so if you aren’t shy it’s the perfect place to recharge your battery and put some spice back into your sex life.
  5. "nude beach"Cap d’Agde. For those of you who haven’t heard of Cap d’Agde it’s a quaint seaside town in France world renowned for nudism. You’ll find people in their birthday suits all over the self-contained Village Naturiste resort. And although the environment is family-oriented, if you head out  to one of the local nightclubs in all your naked glory, there’s a good chance your night will have a climactic end.


Hot Destinations for Sex Seeking Singles

The Under 30 set:

New York City: Grab a few friends and explore NYC’s rich cultural and nightlife scenes. There are bars and districts to suit everyone’s taste, and the non-stop energy of the city is perfect for randy young ladies (and even gents) looking to fall in lust.

Ibiza: If you’re young and you like to party Ibiza is for you. Every year thousands of fresh-faced party goers flock to this tiny island off the coast of Spain to dance, lie on the beach and have all the sex they can handle adventures of a lifetime.

Miami: Considered to be one of the best U.S. cities for singles, Miami, FL, is home to scantily clad beach bums who really love to shake their tail feathers. Nuff said.

Backpacking through Europe: This rite of passage for new college graduates is a fantastic way to meet people. Staying in hostels encourages community involvement and interaction among tourists, and traveling alone will definitely increase your chances of experiencing new things and ‘connecting’ with all kinds of new people.

South Padre Island: Popular with American spring breakers, South Padre Island, located at the tip of Texas is an insanely fun place to be. It’s a great place to meet a gaggle of like minded peers ready and willing to ‘play’.

"sex away from home"The Young at Heart:

Tuscany:  Known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany is known for its rich artistic legacy, vast influence on high culture, and charming Italian men. What better place to have a wild and passionate romantic holiday fling?

Las Vegas: If you like to party, Las Vegas is the place to do it. You’ll meet other singles of all ages, who are ready and rarin’ to have a good time.

London: It may be a little pricey, but London affords tourists with all kinds of resources for personal fulfillment and discovery. Art enthusiasts, theatre fans, foodies, bookworms, and even history buffs will find this culture capital very intriguing. It just might be the place to meet a tall, dark and likeminded stranger for some holiday fun.

Boston: Another contender of’s Best Cities for Singles, Boston has great nightlife, sports, and other entertainments. The city is also a muted version of popular destinations like Las Vegas or Miami, which makes ideal for more demure singles looking for a little fun.

Anywhere overseas: Take a trip anywhere abroad to give yourself some perspective,  as well as a  chance to immerse yourself in a completely different culture, recreate yourself (if only temporarily) and connect with new people in a whole new way.

Fetish Folk:

Amsterdam: A popular spot because of its marijuana cafes, gorgeous gardens, and of course, the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam is also well known for its legal red light district. Just meander through the district to find a brothel or peep show that specializes in your fave fetish.

Porn Week: Join other avid porn fans in Los Angeles for porn week and you’re bound to have some real adult fun…

Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball: This Halloween event happens each year in Vegas and was named “One of 5 Events to Attend Before You Die” by Maxim Magazine.

Skin Two Rubber Ball Weekend: London, UK is the home of the “world’s most famous celebration of fetish.”  The ball features a Torture Garden, “pervy shopping” and all kinds of open minded kinksters just like you.

Moulin Rouge: Among the most famous cabarets in the world, Paris’ Moulin Rouge is surrounded by sex and fetish shops. What more could a girl ask for?

Lusty Lesbians:

Sydney, Australia: If you’re a girl lovin’ girl, you probably already know that Sydney is a great place for lesbians, primarily due to its great nightlife and events like the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Provincetown: Also known as P-Town, Provincetown, MA, is a top gay and lesbian vacation spot. Lesbians on the prowl can take advantage of the many local women-centred events, including Women’s Week during October, and Single Women’s Week in May.

New Fest: Looking to get next to a fellow film fanatic? Then New York’s New Fest, happening July 21-28 this year, is definitely one LGBT film festival you need to hit.

Berlin: According to, the very first organization in the world dedicated to equal rights for homosexuals was founded in Berlin in 1897!  The city’s LGBT scene features regular women-only sex parties, a lesbian resource centre, a number of women-only hotels and cafes, a lesbian film festival and a women’s museum, making it a definite lesbian travel destination.

An All-Lesbian Cruise: Picture it: you and a few hundred horny women on a boat. Does anything else need to be said?


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