Gettin’ Around: A Monthly Review of Sex News and Events, July 2011

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Appearance is everything. As much as we may want to stamp this out as a socially-limiting belief, it remains powerful. Sometimes appearance isn’t even a physical thing, sometimes it is just a thought about someone. Sex workers battle against appearances all of the time.

They are thought to be drug addicts.

They are thought to be degenerates.

They are thought to be lesser human beings.

"stepping stone poster"Fortunately, Stepping Stone, a sex worker advocacy group out of Halifax is working hard with a new campaign to show that sex workers are far more than they appear.

With their new poster campaign, Stepping Stone is demonstrating that sex workers are people who are important to the people who love them. With slogans such as “I’m proud of my tramp, raising two kids on her own,” “At my wedding, my younger hooker gave the funniest speech,” and “I’m glad my prostitute made me finish school,” the Stepping Stone posters give back to sex workers something that was taken a long time ago: their humanity.

And they couldn’t come at a better time for that community, with one area man being charged with second degree murder in the death of a local sex worker, as well as attempted murder: and yet another man faces kidnapping charges involving a different sex worker. Would these incidents happen if we reconsidered the appearances of sex workers?

I have to admit, this article wasn’t exactly what I was thinking it would be when I first saw the title. I mean, not that I’ve ever heard or competitive pussy eaters or cock gobblers, but it made me think maybe there should be some sort of sexual Olympics. But I digress!

These competitive eaters appear to have pretty good insight when it comes to relationships. In an arena where one would think they might be overcome with excess of all sorts, these three share a bit about themselves and then dish out some sound advice. When Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti is asked if a woman should be worried about her man’s porn collection, he doesn’t spoon-feed a standard response. “Porn’s like an electric toothbrush. I can brush my teeth manually and take some time, or I can use an electric supersonic toothbrush and be done really efficiently. Masturbating is a daily routine for most guys, and porn makes it easier. But you don’t necessarily want to take something you’d watch and do it in your own bedroom.”

Let’s hope they all use good electric toothbrushes before they go fuckin’ after feastin’.

Well, Fredericton just became a much less fun place.

The capital city of New Brunswick is losing its only strip club.

How can the capital city of anywhere NOT have a strip club?

Using typical arguments of it being a “non-conforming” property and that it is in the “best interests of the city,” Mayor Brad Woodside announced that the city bought out the business for $500 000. Two councilors voted against the deal, citing that was too much to pay for the watering hole. I guess they weren’t aware that you always pay way too much for drinks at strip clubs.

Jokes aside, this is a blow to the sex community of a smaller city. Strip clubs, while they do sometimes have issues and problems, are a place of fantasy for their patrons. Not to mention, this particular hot spot was, apparently a thriving business that employed nearly 20 people who are now out of work. And the city doesn’t have long term plan for the property.

Proof that it isn’t just the Bay of Fundy that flows backwards.

Looking to a romantic comedy for significant relationship guidance is probably asking for trouble. As in he will get caught doing something stupid, she will say something unknowing insensitive, some smart-alecky kid will turn out to be a wise sage and after some kind of chase involving horses/dogs/police/terrorists/exes (are those last two interchangeable?) the happy couple will emerge for a grand kiss and the smart-alecky kid will be in their wedding. These sort of situations don’t so much happen in real life.

That makes this article about the conversations in the rom-com classic When Harry Met Sally all the more interesting. It tackles the myth that male sexual desire is too strong to stay within the constraints of friendship with a woman. He’ll always want to get into her.

Talk about selling us short! Like the writer, I too have known for a long time that I am bisexual and I’ve had some wicked lusty thoughts about a good number of my friends. I too learned that I had to temper that if I didn’t want to become a hermit. This may have been a personal choice, but it is one that I think could apply to society as a whole. We need to stop considering sex to be “It.” Odd statement from a sex journalist, I’m sure, but I’m not saying we should not think about, fantasize about, study or desire sex. We need to go against our all-encompassing desires and take a more chill approach to sex. Sex is good. It happens. I like when it happens. When it doesn’t happen, that’s okay too.

So, if you’ve got the hots for your friend, revel in it. Enjoy it. Soil a few tissues with it. And then call her up and go for coffee and a laugh.