Summer In the City: Part 2

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July 31, 2011

A Guest Post by RUBYYY JONES

Dear readers, when I left you last time

Rubyyy and Samurai were making out in the hallway. Shiny hardwood, just outside of the bathroom. Rubyyy, barefoot and on tip toes, and him, firm in his kickass black leather boots. His hands were swirling and bunching the fabric of her yellow sundress, as his fingertips kneaded her ass. Beads of sweat were pooling under their clothes, in her hair; it was the end of summer. Her hands pressed into his sticky low back, pushing his denim hard-on closer to her hungry hips…


A Little Later

…In his bathroom, Rubyyy in her Japanese robe. Mouth pink and puffed from furious mouth fucking. She is standing, barefoot, in front of the sink and vanity. Waiting. Robe parted to show off full breasts, erect sex nipples and soft tummy. Leaning against the sink, she can feel the coolness of the marble against her mound. Waiting. Fingertips trace the pattern in the countertop. Goosebumps start to spread across her flesh as she hears his footsteps approaching. Her eyes flicked to the mirror and she paused on her own beauty: he is worthy. Waiting…

neck kissesThen his face was next to hers in the mirror. Rubyyy does not turn around and their eyes meet. There was a moment. Like a cat flexing before a pounce. There was a breath. Then his hands moved quickly to her tits, grabbing handfuls of aching flesh, pulling her body back into him. He was wearing just a towel, such a gentleman, when all she wanted was to feel his hardness pressed against her thighs, ass, deep in her cunt. He licked and sucked from shoulder to earlobe, taking his time, tasting each inch.

Rubyyy forced her eyes open, to watch her lover love her. His mouth wide and sucking hard, his tongue moved in long strokes up and down her neck. It felt as if he was sucking the blood from her body and sending pure pleasure back through her veins. All the while his hands massaging and exploring her breasts, squeezing just hard enough to send waves of relief through her chest and waves of heat to her clit.


A Little Later

…She was laying in the middle of his bed, on her tummy, a soft throw beneath her. The fan blowing in the corner was cooling the water droplets not yet toweled off and Rubyyy shook and tossed her damp hair. After they’d bathed each with tongues and kisses, they had jumped into the shower, playfully washing and kissing some more. They were high on each other’s beauty, sex and newness; they both knew not one bit of flesh would go unexplored.

‘Can I wash you baby?’ he said softy, between kisses, skating soapy fingertips between the gap in her thighs.

A kiss and a ‘yes’, and he sat cross legged at her feet, water pouring over his lap, his beautiful cock standing at attention. He lathered her crevices and smiled, as he pressed. ‘I love your puffy mound’.

‘Aren’t all women like that?’ Rubyyy asked, blushing slightly, hearing the girlish tone in her voice she couldn’t let go of around him. He kissed his reply and continued to happily bathe and admire her.

She’d left the shower before him, still nervous, feeling anxious to fuck. The room was dim, lit by lots of lovely candles; the flames flickering in the blowing air, the sounds of Brooklyn summertime occasionally breaking the silence. It was suddenly perfect. She looked over her shoulder as he came in and she saw the hunger on his face; running through his body, filling his cock. She turned away smiling, deep breaths.

Only moments after feeling the weight of him move on to the bed, Rubyyy, felt his hands clench her ass and firmly pull her apart. A quick cry escaped her; a mix of shock and sweetness before melting into a dizzying sensation. He licked and teased the hole he’d gently washed, and Rubyyy arched, rising to meet him. Her pussy soaking out of jealousy and joy, as the pleasure in her ass buzzed through her cunt, her breasts, her clit. She moaned because she could and because his eager tongue was winding her up tight inside as he continued to push and spread her asshole.


A Little Later

…Bound in the spreader bar with cuffs wrapped just above her knees, Rubyyy was pulled wide but relaxed on her back. Together they shifted her to the edge of the bed so her head could droop over, her mouth could drop open. Samurai stood behind her, supporting her head, kissing her face as they ran through their sex rules. Safe words would not be possible this time.

After settling on their rules, they kissed a little longer and he released a hand to squish and press her breasts, to bounce and pull each of her nipples – both already swollen, bigger than she’d ever seen them before. He helped her to drop her head back and Rubyyy took in her new view: little white bookcase with books and boxes, the round light from one of the candles and his neat, full balls nestled between toned thighs. Her mouth started to water and her fingers moved instinctively to stroke her clit. His cock was in his hand as he gently massaged himself, surely taking in the view of his woman stretched and flat out before him, taking him in: waiting to have her beautiful face filled and fucked by him…

.    .    .

Oh Lovers, I hope you have enjoyed this exclusive preview of my first book, collection, inspired by my first fuckation. I look forward to sharing so much more soon!

Love Lust & Light, R

Rubyyy Jones


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