When You Want It, Where You Want It – Part II

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August 3, 2011


I was sitting on the edge of the king-sized bed in the hotel room, anticipation in my veins. A pretty older woman, the wife, sat next to me, her hand on my knee and a glint in her eyes. I could tell this wasn’t her first time. Despite it being mine, I wasn’t nervous.


The husband was lying on the bed beside me, his arms folded behind his head, his eyes fixed on me. The bulge in his swim shorts was very apparent. My lover was seated in the chair in front of me, his lust filled gaze locked on the wife. I felt a tinge of…something. I shrugged it off, knowing any feelings of jealousy would take away from this moment. I stood and excused myself to the bathroom.


“Let me come with you”, the husband said, rising to his feet in one swift motion. A smile crept onto my lips, as the heat of excitement ran through my body. I looked over my shoulder at my lover who winked at me.


The husband didn’t wait until we reached the bathroom. He slid his arms around me, pushing my swimsuit top away to cup my breasts. I bent over to feel his hard-on against my ass and he sighed out loud.


I turned the shower on and stepped in, sliding my swimsuit bottoms down, slowly over my hips. The husband did the same, revealing a divinely smooth hard shaft. My lips parted instinctively and I motioned for him to step into the bathtub with me.

The warm water ran over my body and his hands followed. His touch was rough and demanding and attentive. Not one inch of my body was left unexplored. I bent forward again pushing my ass toward him, this time holding onto the faucet for support and with no hesitation, he pushed his cock inside my warm, wet pussy. I cried out in pleasure, enjoying the feel of his length inside my walls.


I turned around to find my lover standing naked at the doorway, watching the husband fuck me from behind. I smiled; an inexplicable feeling of naughty burning inside me.

My lover walked over to the tub, grabbed my head, turning my face toward him and rammed his heavy cock into my mouth. I moaned against him, making sure he felt the vibrations from my throat.


Suddenly, the wife was there, standing right next to my lover. She too was naked, her breasts perky, nipples hard. I wanted to lick them…

She kissed my lover deliberately: sucking on his tongue while as I lapped hungrily at his cock and her husband fucked me from behind. My lover reached in between her legs and slipped two fingers inside her. She purred, thrusting her hips down against my lover’s hand, and continued her exploration of his mouth.


Moments later my lover released his hold on the wife, pulled his cock out of my mouth and took me by the hands, pulling me to him. I straightened up and stepped out of the tub, gasping as the husband’s cock slid out of me. My lover guided me back into the bedroom, the husband and wife trailing close behind. Wanting to taste his lips I turned to face him and greedily took his tongue into my mouth.


"how do you want it?"I felt the wife behind me, her hands circling my waist. She trailed kisses down my back and I leaned into the very new sensation of being kissed so tenderly by a woman. A pair of hands slipped between her breasts and my back, and I knew the husband was behind her, fondling her breasts. My lover pulled his mouth away from mine and as the husband’s hands slid down over her abdomen towards her pussy, my lover took the wife’s nipple into his mouth. I stepped aside and turned to face her. I wanted to watch my lover please her.


My body tingled with desire as I watched her grab the back of my lover’s head and press him into her chest. As he suckled at her breast she threw her pretty head back and I felt the sudden – and very strong – urge to kiss her. I’d never kissed a woman before, but watching them was driving me out of my mind. I wanted pleasure of every sort at that moment.


I leaned in, wrapped my fingers around the back of her neck, pulled her face towards me and kissed her. Her lips were soft and moist and I wanted more. My lover and her husband both stood back, to watch, as I rested my hands on her breasts and massaged them gently. A deep moan erupted from her throat and she gripped my ass with her small, delicate hands, holding me firmly against her. I kissed her deep this time, enjoying the feeling of her hot, silky tongue slipping in and out of my mouth.


We fell onto the bed, still kissing and touching and grabbing, our men standing watch nearby. She got up on her knees and moved in between my legs. As she spread them, she looked into my eyes, seeking reassurance that she could go on. I nodded and pushed myself up on my elbows, to take in as much of her body as I could. I motioned for my lover to kiss me but he just stood there, looking down at me, unmoving. Instead her husband climbed onto the bed and straddled my face, his lovely cock brushing against my cheek.


“Give me everything” I said, before taking him in my hands and pushing his hardness between my lips.


Just then the wife’s swirling tongue delved deep into my pussy, working magic on my clit. I clawed at the bed sheets, lifted my hips towards her and groaned loud around his shaft. I wanted desperately to be filled up by my lover. I sucked the husband’s cock with abandon, and a low growl escaped his body.


My lover leaned over the bed, stroking his fully erect cock and he whispered in my ear, “Do you like this?” he asked. “Do you think you can take much more of this?”

I couldn’t speak, so to show him how much more I wanted I bucked harder against the wife’s mouth and cupped the husband’s ass, taking more of him into my mouth. When I shifted my gaze to back to my lover, his face was contorted with pleasure.


“Si mi amor,” he hissed, through his slightly parted lips, as his body began to rack with the force of his climax “You’ll have it all.”


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