Gettin’ Around: A Monthly Review of Sex News and Events, August 2011

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August 23, 2011


I have no idea what her sex life is or ever has been like, but I hope my mom has been getting it good and regular. She deserves it, she’s a good person. And if this article is any indication, the potential for my mom and all other ladies who are getting older is great.

Fantastic sex writer Jayme Waxman explains that women are more sexually satisfied as they get older because they are comfortable expressing themselves, their men are less sexually needy (and become more cuddly and focused on the woman’s pleasure) and once menopause hits, the freedom of knowing babies won’t happen is a great relief. Sounds like lady’s hit the jackpot!

But a couple of those factors can be addressed earlier on. Make sure your partner has the opportunity to express her wants, desires and preferred sex needs. And make sure you give her plenty of attention when you two are getting frisky. Please her, pleasure her, rock her world! Because you know, you’d want your mom to feel that good too.

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I love progressive companies! Especially progressive toy companies. And who’d have thought a company as high-profile as Mattel would jump on the sex education bandwagon? Okay, they didn’t exactly do it on purpose and it wasn’t likely the most positive move. Nope, putting a sex line number on the side of a popular Matchbox tow truck probably wasn’t the best idea. So, were they trying to give the kids a lift? Were they offering assistance for flat, er, tires?

This story kinda makes me want to rummage through all of my kids’ toys to see if there are phone numbers on them and then call, see if I can find something like this and get on the news. Did my Hot Wheel and Matchbox cars ever have porn on them? I wish! Not to say they weren’t my own, special dinky cars.

Great to see: New York City is mandating sexual education in school. Less great to see: it seems to be the same old sex education that has been proven to be fairly ineffective for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for providing any information to children and teens that will help them grow as positive and responsible sexual individuals. I was shocked and dismayed when the Ontario government’s proposed comprehensive sex ed was pulled because it was ‘too much’ for religious and conservative groups. It was a great curriculum, which, I still think didn’t go far enough. But it was scrapped, er, withdrawn for further review.

Now, here is New York City, as part of a larger initiative to improve the lives of youth, putting sex ed in all schools. Again, great! But, how can it be a strong initiative when parents will be able to keep their kids out of classes that talk about birth control? What other topics will be deemed taboo for some? Part of the initiative is to speak directly to the Black and Latino communities who have higher instances of teen pregnancy and STI transmission. Wouldn’t forcing those kids to learn about birth control potentially help reduce these rates? But, how is this going to work if these kids can just opt out? Won’t somebody please Think of the Children and teach them about sex?

Ever notice how some studies of male sexuality make guys look like real jackasses? When research is done on women’s sexuality, we learn important things about what women think and desire, and it often seems to be needed information. Maybe it is because men have so dominated culture and society and sex for so long that all of the perceived notions on male sexuality need a radical change. But then a study of “partner betweenness” comes along and I just shake my head.

This study, published in the Journal of Sociology posits that men between the ages of 57–85 take issue and then have issues when their wives have closer relationships with their friends than they do. Apparently this can cause erectile difficulties and difficulties achieving orgasm. According to researchers it undermines their masculinity.

Let’s undermine this study:

  1. These are men 57-85, otherwise known as the traditionally rock-hard fucking machines of the world. Guys that age are always ready to go and ready to shoot a big load every single time. No flying at half mast for these bad boys…
  2. If your wife has a closer relationship to your friend than you do, that makes him her friend.
  3. Researchers do note that erectile dysfunction can also be caused by obesity, heart disease, kidney, and diabetes, as well as by certain medications. Now between their wives getting too chummy with their buddies and the health risks listed above, which do you think are more likely to be causes of ED for  the 57–85 group?…Thought so.
  4. Betweenness is mathematical term and this crap doesn’t add up.

The Canadian sex community lost a leader and friend this past week in Wendy Babcock. Her story is inspirational and shocking. Her triumphs were awesome. You will be missed by all the people whose lives you touched, Wendy.


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