Gettin’ Around: A Monthly Review of Sex News and Events, October 2011

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October 25, 2011


Now here’s some research I’m going to keep my eye on! Cheryl Murphy, an optometrist, has started a new blog on Scientific American’s website called Learning the Look of Love. In the first installment of the series, she explores the connection between love and eye contact.

We’ve all heard love at first sight, lust at first sight and let’s go fuck in the bathroom because we made a bit of eye contact. Most people dismiss these as myths. But according to Murphy, who cites a few different studies, a lot happens between two people before they ever even speak to each other.

For instance, who knew the creepy leer can actually be an effective pick up tool? That’s how I always felt when gazing upon a lovely creature from across the room. I’d turn away to avoid being caught when that person turned and saw me. Apparently, all I had to do was maintain eye contact and add a smile and I’d have probably picked up way more than I ever did!

Strangers read a lot into a person’s ability and willingness to maintain eye contact. Murphy discusses a study wherein two strangers were put together to look into the other’s eyes for two minutes. When they were done, a great majority of the subjects had developed some sort of feelings for the other – even though they had no prior relationship.

"eye contact"Perhaps the most interesting study Murphy cites is the one about eye contact between couples. Apparently those couples who are very much in love and still enjoy spending time together look at each other significantly more often than unhappy couples. I think I just found my new party game!

How’s this for good advice to guys who are thinking about cheating on their partner: if you fuck around you might bust your cock.


Now, the possibility of perforating your penis is always present during sex, but Dr. Andrew Kramer, a urologist finds in a new study that men creating achy breaky hearts are much more likely to damage their dongs. Kramer finds that cheatin’ sex is more likely to take place in tricky places, such as cars and bathrooms, and involve being in difficult positions. Trysts also often happen in hurried circumstances. All of these can contribute to greater risks of boner breakage.

Does this mean you’re safe from dick damage if you just stay home and fuck in your bed? No way. Any overly enthusiastic or acrobatic sex can be dangerous for the male organ.

You may be saying,

“But there aren’t any bones in my bone!”

And yes, you are correct. It isn’t a bone that breaks that happens when you “fracture” your penis. What happens is a rupture of the tunica albuginea, a membrane that surrounds the spongy tissue in the middle of your cock. And is it serious? Hell yes, it is. Get yourself to an emergency room ASAP if you hear a loud pop. In many cases, surgery will be required.

So, think of it this way: is your partner going to rush you to the ER with a busted dick? Yes, more than likely. Is the person you’re cheating with going to do that?

And obviously we have learned nothing from SlutWalk. Even here, in the birthplace of the worldwide movement to stop the societally-justified oppression of women based on their clothing, a new incident has again fanned the flames over what women “should” wear.

Recently, two high school teenagers were riding public transit in their school-mandated uniforms: traditional Catholic school kilts. On that bus ride a man was caught looking up their kilts and began harassing the two young women. The response from school officials astounds me. The gist of it is that it was suggested by the principal that female students wear track pants to school and then change into the required kilts upon arrival.

What? Victim-blaming much?

Let’s review. You girls have to wear kilts to our school. But men are going to harass you, so you should bring two outfits, dress one way in public and one way for us. We don’t want you turning on men out there, which would be your fault.

In a society that has sexualized and fetishized various children’s attire, particularly the ‘dirty school girl’ (count how many grown women you see dressed this way for Halloween this year), why is the school blaming the students? Why aren’t they doing away with the kilt uniform instead? Why aren’t they educating students to be safe in the face of harassment?

You know, I want to applaud them, tell them they’ve taken a positive step forward, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. In the wake of the suicide of Jamie Hubley, the gay son of an Ottawa city councilor, members of the Conservative Party of Canada have put together an It Gets Better video to help get the message out that there is help available.

Put together by a gay former Conservative staffer, numerous Conservative politicians give messages of hope and often cite the Kids Help Phone as a source of help for youth facing issues. It was bullying that drove Jamie to take his own life.

Again, I wanted to like this effort, but ultimately, it doesn’t do anything to make me think the Conservative camp is any more enlightened than it was previous to Hubley’s death. The main thing that raised my ire is the frequent use of “gay or straight.” This attempt at inclusivity negates the significant hardship that bullying based on sexual orientation can have. Yes, straight kids are bullied for a multiple of reasons that are all awful. But Jamie was specifically targeted because he was gay. Making this an inclusive issue proves the Cons in the video aren’t willing to address a specifically queer situation.

And until they are, I’m not going to trust them at all.


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