More Than Pillow Talk, Ep. 6: Happy Pervy Holidays!

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December 22, 2011


The holiday season is upon us and I for one can’t wait to drink rum with my brother, laugh hysterically with my sister, kiss my niece on Christmas morning and give my momma one of her patented loving hugs. And of course I hope the holiday season brings you all the love and laughter you seek. Or at least get laid if the laughter and love thing seems like a big deal. Anyway. 2011 is almost over, 2012 is on it’s way and I for one am really excited because we’ve got lots of great things planned for the coming year, including me finally getting my head out of my ass and getting our Podcast on iTunes. Speaking of Podcast’s, click the following link to check out the most recent edition of More Than Pillow Talk. One more thing; I edit these things and usually cut out loads of idle chatter or technical glitches. Why am I telling you this? Well, the first minute or two of this podcast would normally not see the light of day but listening to Skye and I talk nonsense tickled me pink. I hope it makes you chuckle too. So ignore the little snafu(s) and enjoy. And enjoy the holidays.

More Than Pillow Talk Ep. 6


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