I’m “Straight”

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March 14, 2012


Being straight, or should I say “straight”, is a funny thing. I say “straight” not because I’m not “straight” but because the term itself seems to say nothing about my sexual predilections and activities. I mean, I guess it does tell the world something about whom I’m doing when I’m doing what I like doing when I feel like doing it, but as far as labels go it really is blah; a no-name brand, a hard-on having, clitoris rubbing shade of builder’s beige.

The way I see it, telling someone you’re straight doesn’t hip them to the fact that you really enjoy being spanked while rubbing one out. Or that having someone play with your nipples really makes you hot. Or that being kissed on your inner thigh rings all your bells. Or that sweaty socks rock your boat. Or that deep, passionate kisses are integral to your sexual healing. Or that the sight of an erect penis takes your breath away.**

**Note, I’m not saying any of these things turn me on. Then again, I’m not saying they don’t either.**

So, not that it really is any of your business what I’m doing when I’m doing what I like doing with whom I like doing it but in a world that is clearly sex obsessed couldn’t we come up with a better term than “straight”?

How about human?

Or sexual?

Nah, I guess those are too simple, too obvious and too broad.

But are they really any less descriptive than straight, a term that can also mean:

“…without a bend, angle, or curve; not curved; direct: a straight path”

“exactly vertical or horizontal; in a perfectly vertical or horizontal plane”

“evenly or uprightly formed or set”

“frank or candid”

Hell, not even my c*ck is straight! All clowning aside, “straight” really is just a gendered expression of romantic desire, an expression of who you want to whip or who who you want to whip you. And according to conventional usage, I guess “straight” accurately describes my tastes and my behaviour. But I suppose I wish things were different. I suppose I wish things were a little less straight.

On a related note, the Internet really is a cool place. A quick Google search brought me to the Sexual Fluidity Project, the goal of which is to:

“create a documentary that explores sexuality and all the complexities of it. Looking beyond just gay/lesbian/straight, we want to hear from anyone who feels any form of difference from what is perceived as the norm.”

Check out the videos if you get a chance; the folks on here express their thoughts about sexual identity far more articulately than I ever could. Oh, and answer some of the questions too. You just might surprise yourself. At the very least, if you’re “straight” identified like I am, you just might end up examining your own sexuality and desires with more depth than ever before.


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Nikki B

You could perhaps make the same argument for “vanilla” as being a boring word to describe someone. Maybe they’re not into kink, but they probably aren’t boring.

Break down the boxes. :D
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