Sex Boring?…NEVER!!

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November 27, 2012


The other day I was chatting with an acquaintance who asked me to tell him more about my blog. I obliged by giving him a brief break down of what we’re all about and then running through the laundry list of subjects we’ve tackled over the three plus years has been around. Still, the moment I stopped speaking he raised a disinterested and perhaps incredulous eyebrow, and said…

Beyond the ins and outs of your own sex and dating life, how could there possibly be so much to write about sex. Don’t you think you’re bound to get tired of the subject sooner than later?

"joy of sex"

Though I love sexual 'field research' as much as the next person, one of my greatest joys is learning more about sex.

His question, which now seems so strange to me, is one I might have asked myself it I encountered someone writing on the topics we cover here. But after focusing my attention on writing and discussing sex, dating and relationships for so long, that query just seems odd. How could I ever possibly tire of writing about sex when there is so much to know?

At least a few times a week through reading, listening to podcasts, and/or discussions with people much smarter and more experienced than me, I learn or hear about something brand spanking new about human sexuality. And it all fascinates me to no end. In fact, in pursuit of more knowledge in this area I have recently begun volunteering at a local sexual health clinic. Thus far I haven’t done much beyond checking people in, answering phones and filing, but just by being in the presence of the counselors and doctors as they work, I’ve already learned quite a bit in my relatively short stint there (hooray!).

So, growing bored of writing about and/or discussing sex and sexuality is pretty unlikely for me, as each passing day shows me how much I still don’t and may never know about one of my favourite subjects. What can I say, learning about sex and sexuality turns my crank…

And speaking of sex, learning and the turning of cranks, have all you sex pozzie nerds and porn aficionados heard that Feminist Porn Conference is going to be included in the festivities at the Feminist Porn Awards next April? Or better yet that there is an open call for papers and presentations for the conference? So, if you’ve been itching to let your nerdy, porn loving side hang out, this may be your big chance.

Okay, that’s all I got. Till next time, here’s to more learnin’ and sexin’ for one and all!


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