Conscious Uncoupling And The Search For Love: Week 2

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We’re continuing with our weekly review and interview with my friend Suzy who’s reading Calling In The One: 7 Weeks To Attract Your Soulmate, a book that promises to help you find true love in 7 weeks. Or something of like that. Anyway, click here for part one or keep on reading for part two.

How long have you been reading the book?

Just over a week.

How have you found the experience so far?

Nothing too intense, it doesn’t make you go out and ask somebody out or anything like that. Thank God.

What has it done?

It’s supposed to be unblocking or helping you realize the blocks that one has created towards being in a relationship.

Has it achieved that for you?

A little bit; well, it talks a lot a lot…today I read about loss and that to be in a relationship you have to be okay with the potential of losing something. So the activity was to write down three things that you’ve lost and then three things you’ve gained because of those losses to show that there’s a positive side to it (loss) too.

Okay. What were the obstacles you had or have?

Obstacles I’ve had? Well, I know the fear of loss is kind of scary. But I’ve been okay with that for a while so I don’t think that in particular was blocking me. I dunno. Oh, I know; I have to make my apartment more inviting for somebody to be there and it mentions—because I think a lot of women read this book I don’t really think it’s written for men although it might be—that, well she’s talking about women having their own apartments and it being pink and frilly and a guy might come and be like, not feel comfortable necessarily, so, she also talks about Feng-shui and having things in two sets of things so I’m going to buy two candles. It’s kind of hokey.

I know nothing about Feng-shui really, so having things in twos; what’s the point of that?

Well it’s supposed to signify pairs. It’s symbolic. So I’m doing that; just because that’s an easy thing to do. There’s stuff about pulling your bed out from the wall so two people can or so one person can get in from either side of the bed. But my apartment’s not big enough so somebody has to crawl over. And that’s okay, it works in my favour!

So at this point how are you feeling about the process?

I’ve been a little distracted because of school, but it’s okay.

Are you excited? How do you feel about moving forward?

No problems. It’s okay.

Anything else you’d like to say about the book so far? About what you’ve learned?

There are a lot of meditations in it. And I really don’t…I like meditating but not to find a man. I meditate for myself. That’s all.