Conscious Uncoupling And The Search For Love: Week 3

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Okay. We’re into week three of our seven week review and interview with my friend Suzy who’s reading Calling In The One: 7 Weeks To Attract Your Soulmate, a book that promises to help you find true love in seven weeks. To be honest, Suzy doesn’t seem to have a very positive outlook on the situation. I’m not sure she’s going to make it to week seven. I tried to keep things conversational in the hope that she’d feel comfortable and open up. Some of the questions were variations on ones I asked last week. Anyway, read on to see what I mean….

We’re into week three and I just want a general idea of how you’re feeling?
Tonight I’m supposed to do a letting go ritual and I refuse to do it.

Because I’m supposed to make a list of all my wounds on the left hand side of the paper that I’m going to be letting go off and on the right hand side things I’m going to embrace about myself. So, for example, kids bullied me at school and on the right hand side—I’ve got to let that go on the left—and on the right hand side I embrace the people who care about me and let go of the people who’ve been mean to me. Then I’m supposed to cut the paper in half….

…read the left hand side out loud and burn it. And like, I don’t have a safe place to burn anything. And anyways I think it’s a load of hooey.

Okay, is this just because you think it’s hooey or are you resistant for another reason?
No, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the wounds of my past. We can never let them go. They’re there. We can transcend them and move past them and look on the as experiences we’ve learned from. We can’t let them go. They’re gonna be there just like the good memories.

Okay, so how do you feel about the process so far, in terms of helping you achieve the stated goal (finding a soul mate)?
Uhm, this is doing nothing for me (laughs)

Now, do you think that’s…why don’t you think it’s doing anything for you?
Because I’ve been to therapy, I know about looking at past wounds. I’ve done it for the past 10 years and the only thing it does is get you stuck in them. It’s an old fashioned way of looking at things.

Well, this book seems to be getting a bit of good press, do you not see a way that it could be helpful?
Well maybe after this week.

What are you anticipating this week?
I dunno, maybe we’ll start working on the future.

So, after three weeks, has there been anything that you’ve learned or any idea expressed that you’d never thought of before?
No, I’ve worked on all this stuff before. She (author Katherine Wood Harris) did mention in the beginning of the chapter or week three, about healing past wounds; she said that for some people this will just be review. And you’re very lucky so I think that’s where I was. I didn’t need to delve into past wounds.

So are you optimistic or pessimistic?
I’m glass half empty and half full.

Are you interested or excited about moving forward with this yet?
Sure. What do I have to lose?