What We Do

MetAnotherFrog.com is…

A funny, intelligent, positive, informative, non-judgmental and boundary-pushing online magazine that offers both female and male perspectives on any and everything related to dating and mating.

According to our demographic stats our readers are primarily mid 20-40 something urban women and a few liberated (or just curious) men. Our goal is to keep them entertained and engaged by providing well written content about dating, sex and relationships: content that we hope will broaden their perspectives, views, and thought processes about these issues.


Our Team

Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose is an English rose – or at least has the appearance of one during office hours. Privately educated in a British boarding school, graduated from Cambridge and rumoured to be friends of Royals; her vowels cut glass. However, not all her education was in drawing room manners or classical history. Elizabeth is an unabashed slut who takes pride in her “work” and wishes to share her feminist rantings and lessons in bedroom etiquette with the wider world. (January 2014 Update: Due her continued wild and weird shenanigans with her Handyman, our English Rose is currently on a loooooooooong hiatus from our blog. Luckily, we have a treasure trove chocked full of her awesome writing  right here. Still we do miss her and do hope that she’ll be back…if she ever comes up for air.)

Sam Sharpe aka The F’in Man

…prefers his liquor hard–straight no chaser.

…believes that Adidas > Nike, every time.

…grew up dreaming of becoming a pilot until he realized that the flight attendants in real life looked nothing like they do in movies.

…considers no sound in creation to be as divine as the laughter of a woman.

…believes that in a relationship a sense of cooperation trumps commitment every time. To his mind commitment is something that happens to crazy people.

…thinks coming is always better than going.

Ms. Blue

Ms. Blue is a straight shooting, self-professed wayward woman. When she’s not writing about all thing sex, dating and relationships, she spends her time pursuing her hobbies – which include:

  • flirting with abandon,
  • lewd conversations,
  • reveling in oral pleasures, and
  • doing very bad things – to and with men.



This blog is our hobby, our home away from home and a growing business. We do and will continue to receive compensation – monetary and otherwise – for all of the advertising that appears on this site. For the record, we’d like to point out that we will never endorse a product or service we don’t believe in. Our promise to you, our readers, is that we will always give our honest opinions about any service or products being marketed on this site. In essence, we at MetAnotherFrog.com are not in the business of bending the truth for profit.