G-vibe Review

The Good: • Unique Design • Male & Female friendly • Soft, silky-smooth silicone The Bad: • All intended uses may not work for everyone • Vibrations are barely average & buzzy Overall Rating: Noise Level:  3/5        Intensity Level:  3/5 The G-Vibe is a unique, high quality, rechargeable vibrator that is friendly to both men and women. […]

My Summertime Lifesaver

I love rocking bright colors during the summertime. This is a Nicole by OPI nail polish that is called “My Lifesaver”. I believe it’s a color from the Justin Bieber collection. I can’t stand the little shit but I sure do love this color.

Newspaper Nails

After a week of being sick, changing my nail color was the last thing I was thinking about doing. I was in no mood to take the time and paint my nails. Instead, I thought I would attempt to do “newspaper nails” over the color I was already wearing, since it’s such a light color […]

One of the Safest in its Class.

  The Good: •A good novelty for fans of 50 Shades of Grey •Comes with a storage pouch •Waterproof The Bad: •Weak vibrations •Paint(?) rubs off/chips •Collects fingerprints •Borrrrring Intensity Level:  3/5           Noise Level:  2/5 Overall Rating:  I’m assuming if you’re interested in this toy it’s because you’re a fan of the 50 […]

Pardon My French…

…But I fucking love my new polish. This week I’m rocking Pardon My French from the Wanderlust Collection by Color Club. Pardon My French is a pastel purple with a bright neon pop to it. I love the brightness to this color. When the sun hits it, you can really see the brightness of this […]

Coming Soon, to a Blog Near You!

So here I am, writing the first post for my blog. I’ve always thought that I was a horrible writer. My punctuation can use some work, and I’m not as witty as others. Honestly, those were the main reasons that held me back from ever starting a blog that I wanted to start a long […]