G-vibe Review

The Good:
• Unique Design
• Male & Female friendly
• Soft, silky-smooth silicone

The Bad:
• All intended uses may not work for everyone
• Vibrations are barely average & buzzy

Overall Rating:
Noise Level:  3/5        Intensity Level:  3/5

The G-Vibe is a unique, high quality, rechargeable vibrator that is friendly to both men and women. It’s a dual stimulation vibrator, and it can be used several different ways. If you’re looking at this toy and wondering, how the hell am I supposed to use this thing? Don’t worry. The G-Vibe comes included with detailed images that show you all the different ways you can use the toy.


One way to use the G-vibe is to bring the two prongs together and insert them into the vagina at the same time. Using the G-vibe this way gives you a very full feeling (at least it did for me), but it can feel a little uncomfortable the first time you use it. I had to get used to the unique feeling of it pushing against both my G-spot and the opposite side of my G-spot at the same time. I’m also wondering why they have it labeled as a P-spot in the diagram? Hmm.


Another way you can use the G-vibe is by inserting one prong vaginally and the other prong anally. I don’t participate in anal play, but it looks as though it would work well. The handle is very comfortable to grasp, but the one thing I would be careful about is the two prongs touching each other. They’re not super flimsy, but it’s not all that hard to push them together when you’re messing around with it.


Inserting one prong into the vagina and using the other prong to rub over the clitoris was probably my favorite way to use the G-vibe. Although there are still some things that could be improved. It was really difficult to apply pressure to the clitoris, and I really wanted the prong that was inside of me to massage my G-spot. This is when I wish the material was firmer and the vibrations were a lot stronger.


Using the G-vibe to stimulate both sides of the clitoris is perfect for when you’re fucking yourself with your favorite dildo, or being fucked by your significant other. I don’t really care for patterns all that much, but I liked using them when using the G-vibe this way. You’re also able to apply a bit more pressure to the clitoris when using it this way.


Using the G-vibe in this exact position was completely out of the question for me. It’s probably going to vary for everyone, but my nipples are nowhere near that close together, and the prongs are definitely not long enough to reach both of my nipples.



In these next few pictures it shows you the different ways a man can enjoy the G-vibe. I obviously am not able to tell you exactly how it would feel, but I can tell you how it works, and also give you tips on how to use it.


In this picture it shows both prongs of the G-vibe stimulating the both sides of the shaft from underneath. You could even run it along the top of the shaft. If you add some lubrication, you can slide the G-vibe up & down along the shaft of the penis. If you’re using it with a partner, you can put the G-vibe in this exact position shown in the image while you suck/lick/tease the head of the penis.


This is basically the same exact position as in image 4, except in this image it’s shows it being used with a partner.


This image shows the G-vibe stimulating both sides of the balls from underneath. This looks as though it would be a perfect position to get some stimulation on the balls while jerking off or getting a blow job.



The G-vibe is charged by a USB charging cord. You can charge it on a computer or with a USB charger adapter. The charging port is located at the base of the toy, and in order to plug in the charger, you have to lift the plug-like piece of silicone. While charging the toy, (and during use) the buttons on the toy light up. They flash while charging, and stay solid once it’s finished charging. When you’re done charging the toy, make sure that you securely plug that piece back in the charging port. That’s going to keep it from getting ruined by water.

The initial charging time for the G-vibe is 8 hours. With all my experience with rechargeable toys,  I have found that I get the best life results when I follow the initial charging times. You’re supposed to get 4 hours of playtime with one charge, but it can vary depending on what level of vibrations you use. I used my G-vibe on the highest setting and I got right around 3 hours of playtime out of it. All charges after your initial charge takes about 45 minutes to an hour, I didn’t time it exactly.


I was able to find out information about the material on the FunToys website. On their website it states that the G-vibe is made of a high quality, premium medical silicone that is hypoallergenic and ecologically safe.

My experience with the material of the G-vibe has been nothing but pleasant. The first thing I did when I opened the box was run my fingers along the silky-smooth body of the toy. The silicone is incredibly smooth, and my fingers effortlessly glide across it. I even found myself rubbing it against my face because it feels so soft. There’s honestly barely any drag to it whatsoever. The second thing I did was run my nose along the toy to see if there was any kind of unpleasant smell, and there wasn’t. I didn’t perform a flame test or anything, but there is nothing to lead me to believe that the G-vibe isn’t made of 100% silicone.


The total length of the G-vibe, including the handle, is 9 inches long. The insertable length is just over 6 inches, and the circumference of the G-vibe is just over 4 inches. The length of the prongs, from tip to split, is 3 1/2 inches long. The space between the two prongs, from tip to tip, is right in between 3 1/2 and 4 inches. When you put pressure on the prongs and split them yourself, it can split in between 6 and 6 1/2 inches. This be measurement will tell you if you would be able to stimulate both nipples at the same time with the G-vibe.



The G-vibe has two motors, one at the tip of each prong. When I held the vibrator in my hand, I was thinking the vibrations were strong, but that wasn’t the case when I went to actually use it in the bedroom. The vibrations are just barely average, buzzy, and felt mostly at the surface. I’m someone who likes to apply pressure, and since the vibrations aren’t all that deep, it didn’t work well for me when I was trying to apply pressure. All it really did was leave me craving something a bit stronger.

The G-vibe has 6 different vibration patterns, and I  have included a picture straight from their website, showing you how the 6 different vibrations work. The image is very true to the vibration patterns.


The noise level is very quiet when you first turn it on, but once you get up to the highest setting, you can hear a very noticeable buzzing noise. Once it’s inserted or muffled by other body parts the noise level does go down quite a bit.


The controls on the G-vibe are easy to use, and commonly used on a lot of other toys. On the base of the toy there is 3 buttons that control the intensity and take you through the different patterns. The “+” button powers on the toy and increases the intensity of the vibrations, the “-” button decreases the vibrations and powers the toy off, and the button in the middle with the squiggly line on it scrolls through the different vibration patterns.


Keeping It Clean:

The G-vibe is water resistant and not 100% waterproof. I don’t even want to take that chance to use it in the water, but you should be able to get it wet when cleaning with no worries. Make sure the plug over the charging port is securely closed, and make sure you’re careful and aware when cleaning that part of the toy. The G-vibe can be easily washed in warm water with a mild soap, or your choice of toy cleaner. Do not boil it or put it through the dishwasher.

Keeping it safe / Packaging:

The G-vibe is included with a storage pouch, so finding something to store your G-vibe inside of is not an issue. The storage pouch is a thin, white fabric with a red drawstring at the top to keep it closed. It’s not padded or anything, but it’s perfect for storing the G-vibe inside of.  I was happy that they included a storage pouch. As far as packaging goes, the G-vibe is very nicely packaged. It’s a sturdy box and has a perfect spot for the G-vibe to sit, so it would work perfect for storage purposes.

My Experience:

Even though I didn’t love this toy, I had a lot of fun reviewing it and experimenting with all the different ways you can use it. There were some ways that worked for me, and others that didn’t. When I tried clamping the prongs together and inserting them both at the same time, it was a little uncomfortable for me the first couple of times. It just felt….awkward. Once I finally got used to the feeling, I did notice more of fuller feeling than I was expecting. Inserting the one prong inside of me and letting the other prong rest on my clitoris was what worked best for me. It was still lacking, but it’s just the way I liked to use it best. I have not used this toy with a partner, but it seems as though it would be most enjoyable when using with a partner. It can definitely take something like a blow job and kick it up a notch.

I’d like to personally thank FunToys for the chance to review the G-vibe. If you’re interested in purchasing the G-vibe, you can do so by visiting their website and contacting them directly.


This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.