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I loved reading this book. As a big fan of Met Another Frog, it is so wonderful to be able to have a great condensed form of their witty, insightful website to pass around to my friends. It’s a charming read that will make you laugh, but will also help you to examine your sexuality and your relationships. – Sophie Delancey

Asses to Asses, Bust to Bust, is a collection of 39 irreverent and hilarious essays (exactly what you’ve all come to love us for, right?) – including nine brand spanking new and never before seen missives – dealing with our smut loving readership’s (that would be all of you) favourite topics: specifically, casual sex, fanny play and long hard stiff ones *ahem*. Along with some of most popular posts from the early days, the book features pieces from a few of  our fave guest writers – namely Rubyyy Jones, Nikki Brown, and Ken – among others.

So, if  you’re a fan of dating hook ups and laughing till your sides hurt this book is definitely for you. To get your hands on a copy of Asses to Asses, Bust to Bust today, just drop by Good For Her in Toronto, or use the power of the internet to get an e-book version or a print on demand copy.