Review: Charlie Tango (One of the Safest in its Class)

The Good:

A good novelty for fans of 50 Shades of Grey
•Comes with a storage pouch

The Bad:

•Weak vibrations
•Paint(?) rubs off/chips
•Collects fingerprints

Intensity Level:  3/5           Noise Level:  2/5

If you’re interested in this toy, I’m assuming you’re a fan of the 50 Gray Shades series. If you enjoyed the book, you’ll probably appreciate this vibrator’s novelty. If you hated the book completely, you’re probably going to pretend you haven’t even seen this vibrator, and you’re going on around your day. Probably it’s better to look at another vibrator. Toy collectors are most probable to discover this toy in their collection very boring and not worthy of being. I’m going to be completely frank and I’m going to say I totally purchased this toy because I loved the book and I liked the name Charlie Tango. Lame, I understand that. With that being said, I pledge not to let this vibrator’s review affect my love for the book. Just because I loved the book, that doesn’t imply that I will enjoy the sex toys Charlie Tango.

The true Charlie Tango:

You know everything about Charlie Tango when you read 50 Shades of Grey. Charlie Tango is an EC 135 Eurocopter for those of you who haven’t read the book. One of its class’s safest.

Charlie Tango is your traditional vibrator, your standard. It’s good for using it alone or with a partner, and it’s best used for penetrative stimulation, though, I would use it only vaginally and recommend that you don’t use it anally because of its absence of a flared base. This is just your average vibrator, which is likely most attractive to the book’s supporters.


Charlie Tango is made entirely of silver, brilliant plastic. Plastic is soft, firm, not bending or giving out. It is non-porous, hypoallergenic, free of phthalates, and a secure material for the whole body. This plastic material is totally odorless and attracts no lint or hair. This vibrator gathers fingerprints instead of gathering hair or lint. Overall, for everyone, it is a secure material.

The Charlie Tango is totally smooth and to the touch cool. Charlie Tango’s name is written along this vibrator’s shaft. Even though this text isn’t raised, when you run your finger over it, you can still feel it’s there. Honestly, I’m not sure what the name is all about. It might be painted on, and if that’s the case, I wouldn’t doubt if after a while it began chiping off. It states “50 Shades of Grey” on the toy foundation, and as you can see, rubbing off is already beginning.

Charlie Tango is a conventional, classic vibrator, as I stated earlier. It’s precisely what a vibrator might look like.  Probably the size of this vibrator is most attractive to those who just experiment with sex toys or seek something easy. The complete length is 7 inches long, 6 of which are insertable. The widest point for Charlie Tango is 3 1/4 inches in circumference. For those who like a lot of girth, this vibrator is likely not the best choice. This vibrator’s head is gently tapered to make the insertion very convenient. Because of its popular and well-known shape, I don’t see it as discreet, but it’s something you could readily travel with.

Functions & Controls:

2 AA batteries are taken from Charlie Tango. It’s like any other traditional vibrator to insert that batteries. Remove the base, insert the batteries (first positive end), and then tightly screw back on the foundation to guarantee watertightness. Just twist the end of the base in a clockwise direction to raise the amount of vibrations to get Charlie Tango going. It’s a really simple to use toy and it’s simple to figure it out. There are no patterns to scroll through and there are no to mess with buttons.


The vibration quality is quite decent given that it is a vibrator operated by the battery. It really relies on what kind of vibrations you like if you like the Charlie Tango or not. Throughout the toy, the vibrations can be mildly felt but they are nearer to the vibrator’s tip. Charlie Tango provides a pleasant rumbly vibration, but not all that powerful, at least not powerful enough to my liking. The Charlie Tango is scarcely an intensity of 3 out of 5. With not much energy, not much noise emerges. When used at the greatest environment, it’s fairly quiet and I doubt anyone could hear it through a closed door.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

This classic vibrator is 100% waterproof and can be used in the shower, bath, swimming pool or whirlpool. Because it is waterproof, it makes cleaning a very easy toy. I use my favourite cleaner toy, but with a gentle soap and hot water you could also wash it. I always wip it with toy wipes because I hate the fingerprints, they really make it look dirty. You can use Charlie Tango with lubricants based on water or silicone. I like using a warm lubricant because at first the vibrator material can sometimes get a little cold.


Charlie Tangocomes well packaged in a cardboard box that is recyclable and indiscreet. On the back of the box there is a brief description of the toy, but it also includes a small insert that tells you how to insert the batteries and use your toy. There’s really no need to maintain your packaging as Charlie Tango comes with its own 50 Gray Satin Storage Pocket Shades.