SWLO. Sex With (the) Lights On. What does that mean to you? For us, it’s a funny, informative and entertaining discussion of ALL things related to dating, mating, and love. Especially the mating part.


Episode 1: Listen here. Or here.

In the inaugural episode of Sex With The Lights On, hosts Skye Blue and Sam Sharpe discuss “pregnancy ambivalence” and the “pull-out generation“,pregnant virgins and sex related mishaps.

Episode 2: Listen here. Or here.

Skye Blue and Sam Sharpe start chat about halitosis and its impact on a relationship. Before they know it they’re talking about orgasms and the importance of open communication in a loving relationship. And now that it’s 2014, MetAnotherFrog fave Jon Pressick makes an appearance to recap a few of 2013′s biggest sex related stories.

Episode 3: Listen here. Or here.

In episode three Skye and Sam discuss Grantland.com’s outing of a transsexual woman, a man charged with exposing partners to HIV (and secretly videotaping the encounters) and the popularity of sasquatch porn. They also find time to chat about the polar vortex and Toronto’s very own Jamaican-patois-cussword spewing mayor.

Episode 4: Listen here. Or here.

After last week’s decidedly serious episode, Skye and Sam Sharpe take a turn into the more bizarre, perplexing and hilarious side(s) of human sexuality.

Episode 5: Listen here. Or here.

While perusing sites like Psych Central, Men’s Health and The Kinsey Institute, Sam Sharpe & Skye Blue tackle crooked penises, infidelity, bad sex positions, ways to improve your sex life in a wide ranging discussion which illustrates their firmly held belief that quality sexuality (and relationship) education is hard to come by.

Episode 6: Listen here. Or here.

Do you believe housework feminizes men and leads to less sex? Skye and Sam discuss and debate this issue as well as touching on Gay football players, 40 year old fetuses and various other sex and dating related stories.

Episode 7: Listen here. Or here.

So, apparently some (all?) Mormons are anti-masturbation, some lawmakers have beef with oral sex, some people do more than eat Hot Pockets and some people call 911 when they need to get…some. Skye and Sam tackle these subjects while Jon Pressick drops by and dishes on kinky bucket lists and the benefits of masturbation (take that Mormons!).

Episode 8: Listen here. Or here.

Homosexism? What is it? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again! Skye and Sam discuss this, touch on the craziness in the state of Arizona and ponder what it means to give sperm as a gift.

Episode 9: Listen here. Or here.

In a (mostly) light hearted discussion Skye Blue and Sam Sharpe chat about the efficacy of cunnilingus app Lick This, sexual repression in the southern United States, a phenomenon they dub “sexual constipation” and renewed efforts to Bring Back Bush!

Episode 10: Listen here. Or here.

In Episode 10 Skye dishes on Carbon, one of Toronto’s current Hot Spots (hint: she’s not Happy) and shares an online dating story gone wrong before picking Sam’s brain regarding topics like webcam porn. Skye and Sam also discuss whether wives owe their husbands sex, an air bnb nightmare, and that time a father and son fought over an escort.

Episode 11: Listen here. Or here.

Episode 11 is all mostly about penises and balls in some way shape or form. And also the dick that is Nick Cannon. And something called the Walk Of Shame Kit.

Episode 12: Listen here. Or here.

Did someone, anyone, say labioplasty? Skye and Sam tackle this touchy issue as well as discussing LGBTQ issues in Nigeria, sex strikes in Crimea, sex and aging, and myths regarding women who have a lot of sex. Plus Jon Pressick drops by to cover some of the past months more interesting sex news.

Episode 13: Listen here. Or here.

Sam Sharpe continues his assault on bad sexual education, and encourages Skye to consider a future filled with robot sex. Also, have you ever heard of the Liquid Lap Dance? Do you know about Cheaterville? Well, you do now.

Episode 14: Listen here. Or here.

Sam and Skye are back! For episode 14 they chat about nude bowling, sex and the disabled, things they wish they knew about sex when they were 15 and the links between Viagra and melanoma. Plus, a discussion about Homophobia: The Hasidic Jew and Murderous Mom edition.

Episode 15: Listen here. Or here.

Are you racist if you only date your own “kind”? What does it mean when a white supremacist has a hankering for dark meat? And what’s up with Donald Sterling? Skye and Sam touch on all of these issues and more in the “Race Card” episode of Sex With The Lights On.

Episode 16: Listen here. Or here.

This week’s episode really is a Poor Judgment Edition–topics covered include the Instagram post coital phenomenon (#aftersex), outrage over Willow Smith on Instagram and lap dancing teachers. Jon Pressick drops by to deliver more sex news before Skye and Sam finish up with discussions of divorce tattoos, good Republicans, mixed weight relationships and whether women should stop saying “I have a boyfriend”. Also, check out Skye’s ‘Dating Tips I Learned On The Dance Floor‘ over at Digital Romance and Jon Pressick’s great piece on men and their penises over at Kinkly.

Episode 17: Listen here. Or here.

In this, the Reheated Cabbage Edition, Skye and Sam chat about sex and dating in Iran, some shocking truths about the status of rape in India, Michael Sam’s draft day kiss and what your body type says about your sex life.

Episode 18: Listen here. Or here.

Have you ever wondered what men think about while making out? Or what your job says about your sex life and sex style? Do you think asking kids about sex makes them want to have sex? Yes? No? Well, Sam and Skye discuss these topics and also chat about San Francisco’s Hookup Truck, consent and the Boyfriend Log App.

Episode 19: Listen here. Or here.

This week’s episode is mostly about misogyny and (the control of) women’s bodies. Skye and Sam also dig through Dear Prudence’s archives and ponder the appropriateness of men in short shorts.

Episode 20: Listen here. Or here.

Skye and Sam chat about lab grown vaginas, designer genitals, circumcision, porn reality shows and when automotive sex goes wrong.

Episode 21: Listen here. Or here.

Robin Thicke’s oversharing. Sex with inanimate objects. Hot new sex apps. The Obama administration extends marriage benefits to same sex couples (and just in time for World Pride 2014). All this and more in Episode 21 of Sex With The Lights On!

Episode 22: Listen here. Or here.

Clearly we still live in a world where some people still blame women for rape and where some people greet the idea of interracial dating with a mixture of bewilderment, bemusement and knuckleheadedness (not a word. We know). Skye and Sam discuss these topics and more in Episode 22 of Sex With The Lights On.

Episode 23: Listen here. Or here.

Hey, remember that one time when you decided that having sex at the Burrito spot was a good idea? No? What about when adults were having sex with kids? Doesn’t ring a bell? Really?!? Surely you remember that time someone invented an orgasm inducing machine for men that couldn’t get the necessary approvals? Still no? Well, Sam Sharpe and Skye don’t remember them either but they do discuss all of these things and more in this episode of Sex With The Lights On.

Episode 24: Listen here. Or here.

Sam is convinced we live in a world that doesn’t really like women. He believes two stories from the past week support this thought. All is not doom and gloom however. Sam and Skye also discuss the UnHung Hero, the best usage of an Excel spreadsheet ever, and the growing popularity of big butts.

Episode 25: Listen here. Or here.

After a brief hiatus Sam and Skye are back to chat about the apparent epidemic in Toronto of black men who don’t date black women, Donald Sterling influenced pornography and men who make unwanted advances towards women. Jon Pressick also drops in for another installment of his Gettin’ Around series.

Episode 26: Listen here. Or here.

26 Episodes young! In this latest edition of Sex With The Lights On Skye and Sam discuss the big changes in their lives. They also chat about sex themed reality shows like the coming ‘Sex Box‘ and Sam’s own idea for a sex(y) game/reality show before touching on a sexual assault on Malaysian Airlines and the ways that sex play can (almost) kill you.

Episode 27: Listen here. Or here.

Everyone’s talking about Ray Rice; Sam and Skye are no different but also find time to chat about the University of Iowa taking a stand against sexual assault, the perils of circumcision, sex brothels in Switzerland, the ubiquity of butt cheeks and men who buy clothes for their women.

Episode 28: Listen here. Or here.

Bodily functions. Answering the phone during sex. Sex with a sleeping spouse. The nature of marital sex. These are some of the topics Sam and Skye discuss in the latest episode of Sex With The Lights On.

Episode 29: Listen here. Or here.

How much money would you have to be paid to be a sex worker? What about plastic surgery; would you do it? Well, Skye and Sam discuss these topics, 3 breasted women, orgasmic theme park rides and turning strip clubs into brothels in this episode of Sex With The Lights On.