Team Colors on My Tips



In honor of the start of Football Season, I painted my nails my team colors; Orange & Navy.



On top of the base coat, I added one coat of Navy Shatter by OPI. It’s been a while since I’ve used a crackle nail polish, and the only reason I even bought this color was specifically for Football Season. OPI Crackle is not my favorite polish to work with. It’s very thick and it eventually starts to clump.  As far as clumping goes, I’ve had better luck with my Navy Shatter than I have my Black Shatter.  You only apply one coat of the crackle polishes, so you have to try to do it quickly and in as least strokes as possible.  As you can see, the Navy Shatter is very dark and almost looks black. I wish it were a bit more subtle.






The base coat I’m using is called “Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?”, also by OPI.  In the bottle it looked like the perfect orange color for doing my team colors. When I applied the polish, it was a completely different story. This orange colors is very transparent. You have to do at least 3 coats just to get the orange color to show up.  I would have liked to do one more coat, but since I was adding a coat of Crackle and a clear top to top it off, I decided to just to the three coats of orange.