The Ferris Wheel of Tongues!

The Good:

• Unique sensation

The Bad:

• Requires a lot of lube
• Not waterproof
• Loud

Intensity Level: 2.5/5      Noise Level: 4/5

Overall Rating:


I first saw the Sqweel a long time ago when I first started browsing online for sex toys. I never did get the original Sqweel, so when I saw that they released a new and improved version I decided I would give it a shot. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Sqweel, it’s a non-vibrating sex toy that is supposed to simulate oral sex. Instead of vibrations, this oral sex simulator has a wheel of ten silicone tongues that spin a lot like a Ferris Wheel. The Sqweel 2 is definitely something completely different than any other sex toy I have ever used. While this toy may be the closest thing I’ve had to oral sex, don’t get it twisted. This is not a real tongue, therefore it is not going to feel like the real thing. If you go into using this toy expecting it to feel just like oral sex, you’re going to be extremely upset. I didn’t fall in love with this toy, and there are a lot of things I would change. Whether or not you still want to give it a try will be completely up to you. I am glad that I gave it a try, though. If they improved some things to make this toy more pleasurable, I would most likely give it another try.



The body of the Sqweel 2 is plastic, but the part of the toy that makes the most contact with your private parts is made of a body-safe silicone. Silicone is free of phthalates, hypoallergenic, and completely non-porous. Since the silicone and the plastic are both free of phthalates, it’s pretty much an odorless toy. The plastic has that “new” smell to it but it’s gone with one good rinse.

The silicone tongues feels very durable. They are smooth on the surface and pliable. You can basically flex them all the way down in both directions. I’m not very fond of the firmness of the tongues. I didn’t think the tongues were soft enough. In my opinion, they needed to feel a lot softer and more “skin-like” if it wants to feel anywhere near a real tongue.


There’s no texture to the silicone. It’s smooth to the touch, with no drag. I’m surprised there isn’t any kind of taste-bud effect to the tongues to make it more realistic.


Even though the material is very smooth with no drag to it, the silicone tongues are not very gentle so you still have to use a shit-load of lubricant. I stay on the safe side and only use water-based lubricants. I don’t want to take any chances at ruining the silicone.

Design, Shape, & Size:

It’s pretty clear the The Sqweel 2 is not your average looking sex toy. It pretty much sums up the term of a novelty toy, at least in my opinion. You may have noticed it’s not be the most attractive toy out there but it does look very interesting. The design of this toy is probably the reason why a lot of people want to give this toy a try, no matter what your experience level may be. I can’t say that I love the design, but I really don’t see any other way they could have really designed this toy.

It’s a very bulky product, and it’s not the most comfortable toy to hold in your hand while using it by yourself. I wouldn’t say it’s all that easy to hide, and I’m not sure I would even consider taking it with me when I travel. The plastic cap helps protect the wheel and keep out any dust.

Sqweel 2 Measurements: 5 inches x 4 1/2 inches


Functions & Controls:

The Sqweel 2 can be a little tricky at first, and may take some getting used to. First things first. To get those tongues spinning, you’ll need 3 AAA batteries. The battery compartment is located on the back, it’s very simple to open and close and the batteries are easy to insert

The next thing you want to do is make sure  that your Sqweel 2 is locked, that way your toy doesn’t come apart while you’re in the middle of using it. Once you’ve done those two things, your Sqweel 2 is ready to use.

There are two buttons on the front of the Sqweel 2 that control the speed and direction of the “wheel of tongues”. There’s a play button and a button with arrows.

The play button controls the speed of the tongues. There are three speeds, each one faster than the one before. There isn’t all much of a difference between the three speeds. I honestly felt like they should have offered a much slower speed. I thought they were too fast, causing it to feel more like a smacking sensation.

The button with the arrows on it control the direction that the wheel spins. The Sqweel 2 offers three different direction modes. It spins clockwise, counter clockwise, and then it goes back and forth between the two, simulating a licking motion.

If you ever start to feel the need to apply pressure with the Sqweel you’re basically out of luck. I wanted to apply pressure when I was using this, but it would almost completely stop moving. Once you’re ready to turn the Sqweel off, simply hold the plus sign button for 3-5 seconds and it will shut off. It doesn’t have any kind of memory, so once you turn it off it will not remember where it was when you turn it back on. Whenever you use the Sqweel, make sure that noise discretion is not an issue. No matter what speed or direction, the Sqweel is a pretty loud toy.

Keeping it clean:

The Sqweel 2 requires a few extra steps that your typical sex toys do not. First of all, it’s not waterproof, so when you clean the plastic body of the toy make sure that you don’t get any water near the battery compartment. I recommend thoroughly cleaning the plastic base with toy wipes. To clean the silicone tongues, you will first need to slide the switch on the front of the toy to ‘unlock’ symbol to remove the cover. Then you can easily take out the wheel of tongues and wash them with warm water and soap, or your choice of toy cleaner. After cleaning your toy, make sure to dry it off completely before storing it. When you’re all done using your Sqweel 2, make sure to remove the batteries to ensure a long life for your new toy.


The Sqweel 2 comes simply packaged in a cardboard/clamshell packaging. You can see the toy through the packaging, and on the front of the package it says ‘ORAL SEX TOY’ in big letters. With that being said, it’s not at all discreet and not ideal for storage. It also comes with a small instructions pamphlet that comes in 8 different languages, and it also tells you how to use and clean the toy.


My Experience:

I’m not sure I would really describe this toy to be all that gentle. For me, it was very uncomfortable if I didn’t use enough lube. You really have to use a lot of lubricant to get that slick sensation or else it will just feel like your clitoris is being smacked. It wasn’t exactly a painful experience, but if you don’t lube it up really good with a slick water-based lubricant it could be very painful. I always apply pressure with vibrators, but since this isn’t a vibrator, you really have to take your time and let the tongues gently lap your clit. It’s best to slowly build yourself up to an orgasm. I’m a little sensitive downstairs, so other users might actually enjoy the smacking sensation that I wasn’t very fond of. It’s also enjoyable to use around the anal area. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

I plan to try some of the different wheels in the future in hopes that I find one that I like better than this one.