We-Vibe Touch Review

The Good:

  • Strong Vibrations
  • High quality silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet

The Bad:

  • Silicone has a drag
  • Silicone is a lint magnet
  • Magnetic charger is very touchy

Overall Rating:

Intensity Level:   4/5     Noise Level:   1/5

We-Vibe Touch

We-Vibe Touch

I loved every We-Vibe toy I ever owned, so I was ecstatic when I had the opportunity to review the We-Vibe Touch. I hoped that the Touch would be the silicone version of the Salsa and Tango, and it certainly liked my aspirations.

If you want a strong, maneuverable, waterproof, travel-friendly, highly quiet, and high-quality silicone rechargeable clitoral vibrator, the We-Vibe Touch is a vibrator you would like to consider buying. Whether you’re searching for something to use on your own or with a partner, We-Vibe Touch has what it takes to please all types of customers. Please note that the Touch is for internal stimulation purposes only. Do not in any manner insert the Touch.


The Touch charging time is 90 minutes. However long the manufacturer suggests charging your toy, I strongly suggest charging it. You get a nice 120 minutes of playing time with your toy after 90 minutes of charging.

We-Vibe does its magnetic charging. There is a charging base that attaches to the toy’s bottom magnetically. Sometimes I find it difficult to get a good link. The charging can be very touchy, but when the tiny light shines an orange color, you’ll understand it’s charging.

We-Vibe Touch Packaging

We-Vibe Touch Packaging


The Touch is made of a soft, non-porous, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, medical-grade silicone and 100% secure body. It’s odorless, tasteless, and there was nothing that caused me to think this toy was made of no material other than 100% silicone.

Despite the smoothness of the silicone, there is a very noticeable drag. You might discover that to get a moist and slippery glide going on you need to add a little lubricant. Another inconvenience with the silicone product is that it gathers lint and hair readily, so make sure you rinse it off before using it.

Shape / Size:

A tiny vibrator is the We-Vibe Touch. It is 4 inches long and less than 2 inches wide. The Touch’s shape is somewhat distinctive, not your average clitoral vibrator’s shape. The Touch shape reminds me of a tongue shape. The tip is tapered slightly, and the top is narrower, while the base is rounder. The toy’s body has a slight curve, making it a very pleasant toy in the palm of your hand to maneuver / hold. It’s also the ideal size vibrator to use when playing partner, as it’s less probable to get the way.

Vibrations / Controls:

I really expected powerful Touch vibrations and that’s precisely what I received. Although the vibrations aren’t as powerful as my Salsa or Tango, it’s still a strong, profound, and rumbling quality vibration. The silicone material muffles the vibrations slightly, which is the only reason they don’t feel as powerful as the Salsa or Tango. This toy, which I personally enjoy, is hardly buzzing. Although the vibrations are strong, you can’t feel them in your fingers, so after a long period of time it won’t lead any kind of numbness to your fingers. Also, if you’re someone like me applying a lot of pressure, you’ll be happy to know that when applying pressure, the strength of the vibrations won’t weaken.

There is a button at the bottom of the touch that forces your toy on and off and scrolls through the various types of vibration. To turn it on, press the button once, change the modes you keep pressing the button, and hold down the button for at least 2 seconds when you’re ready to turn it off.

The We-Vibe Touch has eight distinct modes of vibration. The first four vibration modes are constant, low-to-high vibrations. The other four modes are vibrations of patterns. I include a list of vibration patterns on the We-Vibe website.

  1. LOW  3000 rpm VIBE
  2. MEDIUM  3600 rpm VIBE
  3. HIGH  4200 rpm VIBE
  4. ULTRA  4800 rpm VIBE
  5. TEASE
  6. WAVE
  7. PULSE
  8. CHA CHA

Keeping It Clean:

because the touch is 100% waterproof, it implies you can play with the shower, bath, swimming pool, whirlpool, etc. Best of all, it implies it will be a easy method to clean. Simple wash your touch with mild soap and hot water, or choose a cleaner for your toy. Make sure you don’t boil or put your toy in the dishwasher, whatever you do.

Keeping it safe:

The touch comes with a white satin, drawstring pouch to store your toy and charger inside, so you don’t have to maintain the box unless you prefer. Also included is a pamphlet that provides you data about warranty and charging. We-Vibe offers a 1 year warranty if you get a defective product. For data on returning a product, please visit the We-Vibe website.


The Touch comes packaged in a classy-looking box, which is also the exact same box that the Tango and Salsa enter (for those of you who own one). At first it may seem a little confusing, but opening it from the bottom is the best way to open the box.

If you are interested in buying a We-Vibe Touch, please visit the We-Vibe website or click the banner I provided below.

We-Vibe given this item free of charge in return for an impartial evaluation. This evaluation follows the rules of the FTC.