Review: Bunny Bliss

The Good:

  • 100% pure silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

The Bad:

  • Buzzy & weak vibration
  • Noisy

Intensity Level:   2/5      Noise Level:   3.5/5

Shape / Size:

Bunny Bliss is a clitoral vibrator of moderate size, rechargeable intended for ultimate convenience and control. It’s a very simple toy to maneuver and fits in one’s hand’s palm beautifully. It’s shaped like the head of a bunny, and I believe it’s pretty cute… unless it has eyes, but anything.  The tip’s bunny ears invite females to experience accurate clitoral stimulation.

  • Total length – 6 inches
  • Length of ears – 1 inch
  • Circumference around the bunny nose – 4 1/4 inches
  • Circumference around the base – 5 1/2 inches
Controls / Vibrations:

the control buttons are situated at the bottom of the vibrator area. This vibrator is controlled by two buttons. Pressing the buttons is very simple and their place is perfectly positioned where you can readily adjust the vibrations without distractions. The bottom button is the energy button which turns on and off the item. The top button is the mode button, and each time you press it, that button will alter the vibration velocity or pattern. The Bunny Bliss has 10 different patterns of vibration, which is something I don’t really use, but the function I like.

The vibrations were the greatest disappointment. I discovered the vibrations highly buzzy, and they’re not that powerful either. In my side, I could feel more of a buzz than I could in the bunny ear tips. I also realized that at the bunny’s nose the vibrations were strongest. I was supposed to attempt using the bunny ears, but I kept running back to the bunny’s nose. I was able to put a lot of pressure on the nose as well, and I’m someone who likes to put a lot of stress on it, so it was a plus.


The Bunny Bliss is 100% silicone-pure. With a soft, smooth, durable and silky smooth satin finish to the outside, it is phthalate-free.  While the part that comes into contact with you is made of silicone, a shiny silver plastic is the base region that surrounds the controls.

There was one problem I had about this product’s content. It feels like the seams begin to divide when you bend the bunny ears. I’m worried that the silicone will finally break.

Keeping it safe:

The Bunny Bliss comes with its own pouch to store it inside, making it simple and convenient to store this toy. The Storage back is extremely adorable enough to store both the vibrator and the charging adapter inside it. At the end of the ties, I enjoy the bows, they are really adorable. Because the Bunny Bliss is made of silicone, make sure that this vibrator uses only water-based lubricants. Sometimes you can discover silicone lubricants of high quality that can be used with silicone toys, but make sure you do a spot test before hand.

Keep it Clean:

Because this vibrator is waterproof, it’s simple to clean. First, make sure you close the charging port, then wash it with soap and water, or a toy cleaner of your choice.  There are many seams and crevices, so make sure these places are very well cleaned.


The Bunny Bliss can be charged for 1.5 hours before first use. Compared to many other rechargeable toys I own, that’s hardly a wait. I certainly suggest charging your rechargeable toys whenever suggested by the manufacturer. They also suggest that your item be fully charged and drained to extend the battery life, with which I also highly agree! The charge time is still anywhere from 1–1.5 hours after the original charge. Then, with your toy, you get 90 minutes of playtime. The method of charging is very easy.  Just insert the adapter at the bottom of the vibrator by opening the port, and voilà. Because the Bunny Bliss is waterproof, you want to make sure the charging port is closed safely before it gets wet.


I haven’t really shouted anything about this toy ‘ luxurious,’ except perhaps the packaging. It comes packaged in a high-quality, storage-perfect box. It opens & closes magnetically, and inside there is a piece of foam that completely houses the Bunny Bliss. You can remove the piece of foam and store the loader below. I’m having a difficult time throwing away boxes like this, but since it arrived with a storage bag, I’m sure I’m going to toss the box at last. A tiny pamphlet with loading and cleaning data is included with the toy.

I would like to thank Blush Novelties for free supplying me with this item for an honest and unbiased evaluation.  By clicking on the banner below, you can visit Blush Novelties and find out where you can find their products. You can buy it here on Amazon as well.